Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken chapter 196 (Human+MTL)

A quicky human translation with MTL-aid for Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken chapter 196. If you want to wait for official TL, please head to Guro-sama or Circus-sama. If anyone hates the fact I’m doing this for fun just leave a comment and if the reason is good enough I’ll take down the chapter. Also, I’m only doing one chapter then reading ahead, not going to continue this because I found a project someone dropped. Sorry, minna-san. It doesn’t make sense to have two groups translating the same thing.

(If there’s any sentences I’m not too confident of, I’ll add an asterisk* to it. Hahahaha!)

Link to original chapter: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n6316bn/203/ All hail Fuse-sama.


When you think about it, the plan to fight the enemy while all of the Demon Lords (魔王) are gathered is kinda impossible.

That is, you’ll be abandoning* the people who believe in the Demon Lords.

Although it is the better decision to make if you want to win the great war, there was also the possibility that it leads to the worst result that if it’s executed poorly and more than half of the population is lost.

It’s the best move to consider if it’s only to defeat Werda*(ヴェルダ), but for that those who are around the same level to face Vega who is known as Four Fiendish Heaven Commander*(四凶天将), the Eight-Star Demon Lords should be their opponent.

No, even for the Eight-Star Demon Lords, it might still be a harsh battle.

To be the opponent of such monsters, it’s safer to strike with everyone, but in which case, the ruled domain will have a high chance to be sacrificed in the process.

Ciel-san said it’s because each Demon Lord wouldn’t really come to an agreement.

Well, its not as if we will definitely win if all Eight-Star Demon Lords were to join the fight.

In the case where each of them are destroyed, targeting the transfer points and the patrol units, sooner or later each country would be defeated.

The part where we predicted wrong is the enemy’s strength.

It’s because of the many prediction made by Ciel for had relied on the original stats of Vega and Kagali and did not predict they would absorb the power of the Seraphim.

The strength of the Four Fiendish Heaven Commanders had surpassed Ciel’s prediction.

If they were to continue to rage on earth, it’s predicted that strength may even break through the upper limits.

How many Seraphims are there, and how fatal is the strength of the Demon Lords now that they’ve awakened*. (TLNote: I am not sure about this sentence, did they increase in power as Demon Lords by being with the other side since it’s something to do with the angels?)

Well, we can expect there’s at least 10 of them, so it’s not yet a threat to that extent.

If it’s my Guardian Kings*, we can handle that level of that threat.

The problem is the Four Fiendish Heaven Commanders. Since it’s called Four, there must be four of them.

We’re depending on this, so if there are more than four of them, don’t say it.

That’s enough.*

Through prediction, I can confirm Vega and Kagali. Another one seems to be Dino. The problem is last one.

That last one is most likely to be Dagruel, probably.

The pillars of Eight-Star Demon Lords, Dagruel and Ruminas.

I think that the two are equal in terms of strength. However, it is essential for Luminous to awaken a Ultimate skill that’s equal to his, is what I realized*.

Dagruel was an abnormally strong Demon Lord. I couldn’t completely comprehend how strong he is.

If we’re only comparing by strength, Ruminas is sure to be suppressed.

With that Vega’s strength as yard stick, we can predict that Ruminas won’t be able to win against Dagruel.

Because of that, Shion and Adalman were dispatched.

Even so, I had a bad feeling about this.

I plan to fight against Milim since there’s so little time.

I’m relieved that Benimaru and Zegion is still at Demonic Country but I shouldn’t be taking this too easily, lest I be caught off-guard.

Even though I had prepared for the worst case scenario, there’s still this small part of me that’s very anxious.

Besides, there’s also doubts about Leon’s confidence.

There’s no doubt that Four Fiendish Heaven Commander Kagali is headed towards Leon.

Kagali and Leon have a connection and Kagali probably still kept a grudge towards Leon.

The problem is how strong is Kagali.

Vega’s strength exceeds Rumina’s.

Compared to Leon’s condition, depending on the situation, I think Leon can defeat Vega.

That’s how abnormally strong Vegas has become.

Should Kagali be strengthened the same as Vega, even Leon’s win can’t be confirmed.

Should there be a request for help, I wonder what sort of hand I should play.

While I teleported and floated in the air, I gave the battles on earth a look and judged them.

Vega and Karion are currently fighting but he’s being heavily suppressed by Vega’s overwhelming strength.

The estimated strength of Vega or Kagali, Four Fiendish Heaven Commanders need to be revised. As I thought, gaining information by looking at the battle from the screen and being there is completely different.

Just to be sure, I contected Guy through thought transmission.

I informed him of the current situation. I made a judgement this will be a win, that they’ll be making the proper actions.

Soon Chloe and Guy will be in contact, so  let me do as I like.

As such, all preparations are completed, and I quietly started to descend.

Because I’ve delegated all my work to the rest I’m feeling rather anxious about it all, but I should be putting my trust in my friends now.

I’ve dealt what cards I have, and Ciel also said there’s no more strategies for the battle.

Presently, there’s nothing else that needs to be done.

That’s why, I should get started with my job.

The most important job in this place, to remove all of the people trying to manipulate Milim.


While Rimuru reached the skies and looked down at the battle.

Karion was in the middle of a battle, filled with despair.

“GWAHAHAHA!!! This sort of thing is a Lion King’s power? Isn’t it too weak?!”

A true King of the Beast, this me, couldn’t match Vega’s feet.

“How about it, if you kneel and beg for it I don’t mind letting you become one of my subordinates.”

“HA, give up! This Karion has devoted his loyalty to Milim-sama..I don’t have a head which I can lower to the likes of you.”

“You aggravating b- It’s just like Milim, defanged and kept like a dog.”

“For such an honored me, serving this Vega, your whole life will be set…

To be making such a foolish decision, you can regret it in another world!” cried Vega.

And a high density bullet compressed to 50 cm in diameter surged.

To receive it is impossible. Karion’s intuition is warning him of the danger contained in that destructive capsule.

Even if he were to dodge it quickly, Vega doesn’t seem like he would be forgiving him.

Towards Karion, a barrage of bullets were released

“KUSOTARE–!!(T/N: apparently this is translated as Mother F***er but I don’t want to use that word, sorry) Karion yelled and covered his body with magical power, creating a shield made of magical power in front of his eyes.

Of course, to be killed when attacked directly is perfectly understandable. The point of the magical shield is to alter the angle of the bullets.

In Milim’s special training, the way to cope with the destructive power that overwhelmingly exceeds him is by being crushed to the extent that it is disgusting.

I couldn’t remember how many times I cried for her to stop.

However, Milim would smile with a look filled with happiness and not halt her actions…

And the fruits of that special training is currently helping Karion survive this.

Through collision, magical energy was whittled off, somehow he was able to live through it. The bullets sent flying created distortions in the terrain, the spray destroying the land.

Even if his magical energy was used up, to have been able to withstand it somehow Karion thought it was alright to praise himself this once.

At that moment Karion hid in the newly created terrain as the dust was thinning. As if he was hiding in the shadows, he killed his breath.

” Tsk, what sort of power is that…If I hadn’t been doing special training with Milim, now I would’ve been done in… ” he was thinking of such things.

At the same time, he remembered the other partner he had trained with.

“Cho, I’m going to die, anymore than this I’m going to die, it’s not a joke, I’m going to die!” had been shouted next to him for a long time.

As such even when phrases like “it’s already my limit!”, ” It’s impossible!” were said, the training was done energetically to the end, together.

“Shit. I’m still alright. If I were brought down by something like this, that guy is going to make fun of me.” Karion laughed.

Even at this point, the fruits of Milim’s special training gave power to Karion.

“My point is, as long as you don’t die it’s fine.” Milim’s words came to mind.

It’s just as she said, he finally understood her words now.

Even in a battle where your opponent’s strength exceeds yours, ascertain your opponent’s strength well and prioritize in surviving.

Fortunately, the subordinates under the orders of the aide had departed the battlegrounds. The forces were afraid of being shot in the crossfire and didn’t dare to approach the area.

Should Vega be any better in dealing with his subordinates, and had the knowledge of surrounding Karion and destroying him, now Karion would’ve been killed for sure.

But Vega held supreme confidence in his own strength, and didn’t give any orders to the angel subordinates.

Perhaps there’s still a chance for winning here. For now, stand my ground. And look for any exploitable opportunities. Karion did not give up.

If I were to draw out all of the opponent’s strength and make him expose all his cards, then it will be advantageous to Milim.

And then, I’ll hand over the rest to my General Milim.

I’m a little concerned about Frey’s words, but for now I should do what I can with my full power.

“Tch! You smartass*!!(小賢しいわ ) Hiding all the time mindlessly, you coward. Lion King? For this cowardly you, calling you a mouse would be more fitting!”

“Shut up! It’s a battle strategy, you know! For someone with such bad brains, you wouldn’t understand my strategy!”

Karion answered Vega’s taunts with such a reply.

Don’t respond to his provocation.

Using a wood sprite, he did a trick that ensured Vega would not know his current location.

With his voice as a distraction, Vega released a barrage of magical bullets in that direction.

Even though they were the same bullets as earlier, the power seemed to have increased. Not only was the terrain distorted, it was completely destroyed.

To begin with, should he get caught in the line of direct fire, Karion wouldn’t be able to withstand such a force.

Without charging the power, it was released onto the earth, a force capable of changing the shape of the earth.

The release of magical bullets are only this much. To begin with, this opponent should’ve stopped expending his magical powers at that moment.

If he had been uncautious about it, he would’ve left his guard down and received a counter.

There’s still the power of the White Tiger Blue Dragon halberd. If I were to lose my calm here, the situation will only go downhill from here.

With my own hands, I could use the ability to transform into my Beastly Demonic Humanoid Form.*(獣魔人化)

When this power is used, all damaged received from earlier will be healed and magical power will all be recovered.

Also, my battle power will increase dramatically, and the limits to my power will be removed.

Due to Milim’s special training, Unique Skill [Lionheart] was obtained.

This power, when faced with an opponent with more strength, it’s more likely for the damage to pierce through. When used with Beastly Demonic Humanoid Form, the combined skill results in the Original Skill [Lion-Dragon Body](獅子竜身).

Indomitable heart and infallible body.

An incomparable strength was obtained.

Still… to defeat that guy, Original skill [Lion-Dragon Transformation] has to be used, but the time limit of 10 minutes is really harsh.


Even when it’s an incomparable strength, in 10 minutes, all magical power will be used, and the transformation will be canceled.

In this current situation, even if Unique Skill [Lionheart] is used, he will probably be defeated.

Before large amount of damage were to be taken, he would’ve liked to preserve the [Lion-Dragon transformation], since if it was to be used, the unique skill [Lionheart] can’t be used anymore.

From the moment when it’s used, he would have to defeat the opponent in 10 minutes.

The use of [Lionheart] as a correction ability that allowed him to deal with those of higher abilities, by means of going through [Beastly Demonic Transformation] would mean he would not be able to use it anymore.

It’s confirmed that Vega also has an extremely strong recovery ability equipped.

In order to manage to win, before seeing the weakness, it’s a card which shouldn’t be played. However, to lose just because you did not use your trump card from hold it back, that scenario should be avoided for sure.

“Battle Strategy? Battle Strategy you said? FUHAHAHAHA, don’t make me laugh. A small fry like you only have the position of racking your brains. That’s right, killing you is simple, so I should show you true despair. This me, I have yet to use my true powers. Do you understand what I mean? To this guy who will never comprehend or know, I’ll show you.” Vega said as he thrust out his hand in front.

Those dead bodies littering the grounds were transfigured into corrupted, malicious life forms(T/N:zombies, I presume).

And then, he sent the angels flying in the air to casually lunge from the sky, and become the prey of those corrupted lifeforms.

In that world, it was a moment where a repulsive lifeform was born. On the wriggly evil humanoid form, wings of the birds of prey grew.

But the eyes of those beings were not filled with sentience. From the start, they didn’t have heads*. Yet, they were equipped with the ability [magical perception] and was able to perceive the situation around them.

If they were named, they would’ve been called Wicked Draconic Beasts* (邪龍獣 Not sure about this TL!).

Vega, with the absolute powers he obtained, activated the Ultimate Skill [The King of Wicked Dragons]* (Katakana: Aji Daha-ka)

“GWAHAHAAHAHA!! How are my cute pets!! For small fry, this much is enough for the likes of you. Enjoy this to your heart’s content.” Vega said and laughed loudly.

Four of those wicked draconic beings were born.

The angels were gobbled up by them*, received their powers, and their battle prowess increased.

“Oi oi, is this for real…” Karion’s super intuition was ringing like an alarm.

To almost have the strength* similar to the former Demon Lord, Clayman, that was what he realized through his instincts.

But for Vega who had created such beings, it seems like his move did not decrease his power by much.

Not sure what sort of being it is, but the dead bodies will surely increase from now. Weren’t those angels his comrades?

Thanks to the skillful command of the commander’s aide, the ones affected were only 4.

(These wicked monsters, if they’re not wiped out, will my own subordinates get corrupted by them as well!?)

Karion shuddered as he moved swiftly, his nausea and anger welling up inside. He had wanted to drag out the fight but it seems like in this situation it’s impossible to do it.

“Go!! Hunt down that escaping mouse!!”

Following the orders, they begin to move in a violent speed. Kicking off the ground, dancing in the air, the dust in the air were blown away.

In this situation, it a matter of time that Karion, who had hid in the hollow of the ground would be found.

Tch! Clicking his tongue, Karion condensed the magical energy and shot an energy beam (T/N: 獣魔粒子咆 / Katakana: Beast Roar? What. Why the MTL said something about particles? -_-() at the one that’s closest to him.

Should these monsters be mass produced, through the passage of time, he decided the advantageous scenario will only become harder to achieve.

This isn’t the right time to ask for an opportunity to arise.

With Karion’s beam, one of the wicked draconic beings were burnt to nothingness.

These breams contained an enormous destructive power to be able to weaken and thoroughly burn till it waste away. It was headed towards Vega’s direction in a straight line.

It went according to his plan. From a blind spot, send a blow and make a direct hit.

However, their distance is too much.

If he was able to make the attack in a closer range, outside 300 meter range the power diminished by half.

He is now stronger than how he was in the past, the energy beam is a skill with a high success rate certain kill technique. Since he was now able to increase the number of shots and the time needed to charge it up is shortened, the range of the shot is shorter. In the current situation, within 200m, the power does not decrease, 300 meter and further, the power starts diminishing.

Even so, the training had resulted in a large change and he had no complains to how much it improved… at this point this move can’t be an effective hit.

Just as Karion expected, the attack didn’t result in any fatal injury for Vega.

“GWAHAHAHA! Wiseass*! (T/N: I have no idea how to say wise while sounding insulting) This is the strategy you planned? This degree of attack, if I were to take it, it’s nothing!” Vega provoked Karion as he laughed.

Even so, at the part that had taken the damage a burnt mark remains, so you can’t exactly say it left no damage.

“Ha! You don’t have to keep it in. If it hurts, it’s ok to cry.”

Karion returned the provocation with his own taunts as he dashed away.

Karion noticed 2 more heading towards him, so he sent energy beam with his left hand, sending a sweeping strike with the White Tiger Blue Dragon halberd*.

In the midst of dodging the beam, the wicked draconic being were unable to respond to the strike and was cut and thrown to a side.

There’s still two more!

In Karion’s line of sight, he could see two of them work together to dash at him.

In that triangle, Karion was at the summit. On the two other sides, two of them were at the peak, and in the middle, stood Vega.

In terms of the management of the positions, it was the right even target range for a sure-kill technique.

The length of the area is 100m. Vega is looking down on Karion and had let down his guard. Here’s the chance.

Got it.

Thanking his luck, Karion condensed his magical energy and raised his fighting spirit.

To make sure that his power doesn’t leak out, he circulated it in his White Tiger Blue Dragon halberd(白虎青龍戟). Gathering all the power to his limits onto the tip of the halberd, with a violent force, he sent it revolving towards the enemy.

“UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! EAT THIS! Diffusion Magical Particle Roar !!” (T/n: So chuuni. I want to cry for lion-san.)

Nine beams of light divided and flashed.

Towards each target, three beams struck. Each of them contained the power of Beast Roar, a deadly attack that diffuses and attacks the target from different angles.

The three light’s converge and synergize with the rest to result in a blow that surpasses the previous strength- this is the sure-kill technique created by Karion.

“Ha,  I’ve seen a sorry sight. Because you look down on others that you meet eyes like these.”

Karion spat such words towards Vega. (T/N: Please don’t. It sounds like one of those bad flags will be raised)

The two wicked draconic beings were completely annihilated but the form of Vega still remains.

He stepped closer to deliver the killing blow.

Both arms were blown, the whole body marred by fire and there were two large gaping holes in both sides of his abdomen.

Originally it would’ve been a fatal wound, for such a troublesome monster, to leave behind this much of him is great already.

Thinking of that, Karion scrunged up the rest of his magical power and prepared his last attack, a energy beam to release on him.


Something creeped up behind Karion, the two wicked draconic beings which should have been bisected, attacked him.

Unfortunately, those wicked draconic beings might have the power to come back to life.

If to the point of being bisected they should have taken more time to be resuscitated.


“GWAHAHAHAHA!! Did I not say it? A guy like you can never be my opponent. For a moment there you were making it difficult for me by hiding. My decoys were able to lure you out in no time at all! How is it? This strategy!”

“Gunu!!*(T/N: Sound of anger/frustration)” Karion was assaulted by feelings of despair.

Vega made fun of Karion, flaunting his superiority.

And in between looking at it, his wounds were healed, and even large wounds didn’t leave a single trace.

It’s as if such wounds were not made to begin with.

“Damn it! You were only playing around all this time…!”

It’s regrettable but Vega’s true power were way more than Karion could predict, so he didn’t recognize it.

For that Karion to be looked at as if he was garbage from below, Vega shot a large bullet.

Not giving a care about the two wicked draconic beings restraining him, he was planning to get rid of Karion.

In the moment when the magical bullet was released, Karion used his last energy to make a desperate effort to dodge it.

Somehow he managed to avoid directly being hit, the left half of his body was disintegrated.

Luckily he survived.

For a beastman with strong life force, Karion, the king. There’s no way he would die from that.

However, considering the situation’s flip, this is still harsh.

“Shit… is this where…”

At last moments of his life he thought hard, but it seems like there’s no other moves to be made.

After this, he could only play his last hand

For the last 10 minutes to attack with his complete strength.

Using his original skill [Lion-Dragon(Dragon Body)] , he still might not win.

That’s what he thought.

All wounds healed, his magical powers recovered. Even so, if he were to lose here there’s nothing else.

Still, he’s going to die anyway, might as well do it.

Karion made up his mind.


“Don’t look down on me! To this me, show me your way of living*!!” he yelled.

With a sickening sneer, Vega looked down at him as if he was a dejected loser.

Within such gaze, Karion’s anger boiled, and memories of a painful past rose to the surface.

It was at this moment he was going to release the skill,

“Wa- wait a moment! A hero only arrives late!!” an idiotic voice could be heard.

It was a voice of a nostalgic friend, an absurd voice at an inappropriate timing.

From Karion’s shadow, come flying out a single oni-family Hobgoblin.

Impossible to not recognize and nostalgic, he was a close friend who Karion admitted was a genius.

The name of the person is Gobuta.

No.13 man who broke down the really dangerous situation.

T/N: Finally!

Phew. That was a good practi…ce /…conks and dies.

I recommend people see how the original machine translation looks. It’s horrible. Nobody should have to work with this sort of things as base. So I put it aside and translated and then crosscheck with it instead of using it as the base …


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