Vampire Princess Arc 3 Episode 15: Rock Blast

QC by: Madospicy senpai.

To commemorate this chapter I’m currently doing a livestream on picarto to draw hiyuki-hime. I’ve finished the stream~ Thanks for the 4 visitors who stopped by and chatted for so long \\

A/N: This time, it’s been a difficult delivery(T/N: of the chapter, I presume).

In front of my eyes, a mountain-like giant stood. Eugene from the bear race held a white bamboo leaf in his mouth, taking dregs of it, glancing at Revan.
From that point, in a casual manner, he opened his mouth.

“Youngling of the lion tribe, do you have parents?” Said in a bitter rush, it was a composed voice from the man.

“No, both of them had infectious disease and now they’ve travelled to the divine beasts garden (to that other world, T/N: Dead).”

“Is that so, it’s a pity -then is there a woman that will mourn if you die?

Suddenly, he thought of Asmina, the (milk) sister who has always been there and Hiyuki who recently associated with him.

“Your face that shows they exist. I won’t say bad things, but since it’s so foolish to put your life on the line for such a spectacle, should you not default the fight?”

Eugene’s manner of speaking was to the point. Be as it may, he did not make light of his opponent, not using his opponent’s circumstances in a way that’s underhanded, instead he ask them to consider the facts with an clear advice. Personally, he’s not the type that is hated.

“If I were to refuse?”

“Then it’s nothing but strong-arming you.”

“To do it or not to do it, is actually very simple and clear. I don’t dislike it. That sort of thing.”

With a broad smile and a laugh, before his right arm and legs, Revan lowered his waist and prepare with one leg bent in front(T/N:martial arts pose).

“…you’re doing it huh.”

Spitting the bamboo leaf onto the ground, Eugene spread both of his hands to a take a stance.

“Aah, let’s do it.”

With that, it was the signal where the atmosphere begin to tense, and it felt as if the temperature is dropping. At the same time, the referee gave the signal to begin.

The sensation around them was the opposite, Revan is feeling the physical pressure of bloodlust streaming from Eugene, the surface of his skin frizzled as if it was burning up.

-it’s strong.

Throughout the bouts there haven’t been this honest feeling. Nonetheless, he was facing Eugene, he neither felt fear nor was he nervous due to his large build. There are a lot of untempered(T/N:untrained vulnerable spots) vital spots like forehead, throat, pit of stomach, side, groin or knee.

To speak of it bluntly, to have an opponent with such a large build, he completely had no intentions to engage in a tedious fist fight right in front of him. Without delay, he aimed for a single fatal hit, letting off an intense blow towards the vitals, aiming for a knockout.

Eugene probably knew it. Putting up his guards against careless attacks and preparing his counters against them, unwilling to make the first move. No, he had gradually did that, but he had no plans of ending it in one decisive bold move.

Not overestimating the body he’s had since birth, strategizing as if he was solving a shogi* problem, making use of his advantages, the fight begins. Unlike what meets the eye, he was indeed a strong opponent.


“It’s tedious isn’t it? It would be great to quickly fight with their full strength. Powerless small fries probing each other’s strength is merely a waste of time.”

The one who is currently trashing the tactics between the experts as worthless is Utsuho who is inside me with Pet Union, I made a bitter smile while hearing it.

By the way, even though I observed the match incognito like this, within my step, Kakuyou is on standby with shadow movement. Today the head of 13 Demon General Ikaruga is on standby. Furthermore, to engage in espionage with bodyguard troops (…were there such things?!) always on a lookout around the surrounding areas with two man cells (two man in one group).

“Well, even though it’s currently like this, this match which is popular between pros is quite entertaining. To decide the winner in a moment, is just as suspenseful as a fencer or gunman’s shootout.”

“Indeed, it is. Incidentally, princess, it may be trivial but, I sensed this place may have been infiltrated by several rats.” (T/N:Said with respectful tone)

“Ah, the feeling of being watched, right. Probably by those from other countries.”

“Most of them seems to be so. For now if most of them are captured by the imperial guards, should hime have no hesitation, and able to accept this spectacle with joy – milord*, there’s a message from Ikaruga.”

“Fn, are the spies that were caught still alive?”

In regards to answering the question, for some reasons a few, were delayed while returning…could it be?

“-it’s fine. Kokonoe, the ghost eyed priest of the 7 star beast of calamity, is able to question and torture the dead.”

That’s not fine! Or should I say, implicitly exterminating them, is what you indirectly implied?!

With this, many kingdoms will once again hail me as the “Blood-sucking Rose Queen” or “The Witch Empress of Fresh Blood”.

Even though I didn’t do anything!!

“Oh, seems like it’s about to begin.”


The one who moved first was Revan.

To be concerned with the large differences in defence, reach and weight could cause him to be overwhelmed. Constantly keeping an eye out for chances to prevail but wasn’t able to find any.

Steadily they were getting closer, just before Eugene’s toes were in the strike range, Revan’s body changed into a strong wind.

Stepping in with godlike speed, cutting in from the side, Revan directed a low positioned kick to trip him. An unexpected instantaneous powerful quick jump from such a large body enabled a dodge, in the air, he released a kick to the left side.

-do it!

While surprised with the opponent’s reaction speed, dodging the attack, predicting where Eugene’s landing spot was, he shortened the distance.

In an instant, two of Eugene’s claws were crossed in the air, forming an X.
Instinctively, he received it with the protective gear on both arms and legs, Kanshou and Bakuya, even so he was blow off.

Hiyuki who was watching the fight murmured in admiration, “Hee, isn’t it Fuujin~ The same skill exists huh.”

Even though Revan saw that he was blown away, “HA!” in that moment, from under his palms, he emitted fire through Ki conversion, using that explosive force to move on the match venue as if he’s gliding. From a very low altitude he attacked Eugene in his unguarded moment, mowing(T/N: or cut) into Eugene with both of his feet.

Receiving the sliding kick to his feet, Eugene’s large physique shook, yet he’s still far from damaging him.

Disliking the close distance, Eugene forcibly jostled halfway, in the gap, a knee was thrusted up, and it barely made Eugene’s large body float.

A second time Fuujin was fired at Eugene’s chest, Revan barged closely in with a force similar to explosion.

Gaa!! <Kei*> was roughly released at point blank, accompanied by a thrust, Eugene’s whole body was driven away by the impact.

If he were to eat one of those shots he’d be in a bad spot.

The damage penetrated into the body at the leg and loins felt as if they’re about to fall off, also the diaphragm’s spasm was clearly heavy, conscious of it piercing the body, Eugene overbearingly swing his hands which were entwined around the Fuujin towards Revan as if he was going to hug Revan close.

At this distance he would have to bear the damage, but since his body is strong the damage dealt by the opponent is far from enough.

‘Pan!’ The sound of meat striking meat resounded.


Eugene moaned with a low voice. Revan’s deadly arms which are far smaller than his stopped both of his hands.

“Dual Beheading Palms!”

Ki gathered on Revan’s palms stopped both of Eugene hands, then the ki’s shockwave pierced it.

With a leap like a flick Eugene moved back and posed, both hands had lost their power and was dangling loosely.

“How is it? Do you still want to continue?”
At Revan’s question a bitter smile appeared on Eugene’s face. Slowly, he shook his head.

“No, let’s stop. It’s my loss.”

Like a first rate fighter, knowing when it is the time to quit. After a pause, there were sound of applause for both the winner and loser.


Overcome with emotion while ascending the ring, Asmina who clung to Revan, Revan with a troubled expression. Thus, they received healing, Eugene grinning broadly while he watched this scene.

It was a splendidly chaotic situation happening so I took my eyes off them, for the time being I sighed in relief. (T/N: Using ‘boku’ to refer to self. Probably Hiyuki speaking)

“One way or another he advanced in the tournament’s preliminaries. The next opponent is either the hero David from the leopardman tribe or the snakeman tribe’s mercenary Cyrill.“

According to speculations, 7 vs. 3 says David will show his superior power.

“…Well, just in case I’ll watch the tournament match.”

But if possible, I want David to win. I don’t quite like snakes or lizards.

By the way comparing the snakeman tribe to snakes, if I had to say then they’re a tribe that feels more similar to the tailless dinosaurs that stand. (T/N: T.Rex?)

Rather, scales all over the body, gleaming with sparkles, the eyes which are the characteristics of a snake – is something I was unable to tolerate instinctively.

Ah, if it were to become a Tengai-class large monster, such that I’ll lose consciousness for caution’s sake (to begin with if the scale can be as big as 1.5m each then it’s already a completely different creature right), well dragon figure’s appearance is frankly gross. But since it’s scary I won’t say it.


And then, the second preliminary round’s second match.

Victory or defeat were mostly determined in an instant.

Receiving fierce attacks from Cyril who used dual swords freely, his whole body cut like raw fish and minced, David sunk under a pool of blood.

That sort of wounds, to that extent of major bleeding, no matter how you looked at it, it was certainly a fatal wound.

With such a short and gruesome scene the where spectators did not make a sound, he was declared the winner and hurriedly left the spot quietly.

Meeting my eyes for a second, clearly he wore a smile as if he was amused.

This fellow…

“Ah, that Cyril, was he this strong?”

Asmina was dumbfounded by this, sending sidelong glance at Revan who had a grim stare at the retreating figure of Cyril. I sighed in my mind.

That was a player’s dual-wield swordsman skill wasn’t it, that.

Somehow it may be a petty trick, I don’t know, but that was a player right.

So, other than players participating in this, the chances of Revan advancing to the finals is almost hopeless.

“So, what should be done?”she said to herself.
For now, by all means, I’m thinking of giving that Cyril a surprise attack.

Translator Footnotes:

Shogi is a Japanese board game that’s quite similar to chess.

<Kei> is a skill which the writer left in Kanji, best to leave it as it is. (T/N: thanks mado-senpai for explaining)

Milord* is originally tono, which refers to master.

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  1. That Cyril’s probably a fake/copy of the real one. Like in the previous chapter where someone copied Hiyuki-tan. And Asmina’s question solidified my hypothesis.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter, and I agree with the commentor above. That snake is probably using a mimicry card just like the lady who imitated Hiyuki. It makes a lot of sense.


  3. With this, many kingdoms will once again hail me as the “Blood-sucking Rose Queen” or “The Witch Empress of Fresh Blood”. <<<<<< AHAHAHAHHA!

    But if possible, I want David to win. I don’t quite like snakes or lizards. <<<<< HUGE FLAG ::facepalms:: XD

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    1. Oh yeah, I was going to note that she is called との【殿】here, I think it slipped my mind, and explain that it’s a way to call your master.


  4. I was checking out this chapter once more after reading a comment in Part 16 that said (nattou: redacted due to spoiler, sorry) and that he was mention in the previous chapter (meaning this one as far as I understood), but I didn’t really see any mention of a son, nor can I recall anything statement like that in this series. Does anyone have a clue? -_-


    1. I also hear there’s something like rap…e and after hearing that I am thinking of dropping this story after this arc finishes. I will probably finish up the side stories before I move on though.


      1. Really? To be honest, although there was the time where Animaru seemed like he wanted to rape Hiyuki, I don’t think this novel would really cross that line.


      2. I did hear from someone who knows the plot that there will be a child, so it has to happen somehow… even though who did it and all, I’m trying to forget the details now.
        I’m still in the middle of reading the next chapter…
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      4. I really hope that kind of act will be exist in this story. It will be hurt to read after that ._.


      5. I really hope that kind of act will not exist in this story. It will be hurt to read after that ._.

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