Vampire Princess Character Files (working file)

\\~Character information may contain spoilers. This is a work in progress. Feel free to add information by leaving a comment. I will update it when I have the time~//

Due to repeatedly forgetting character names from the story I decided to make a character file, listing the characters names and other details, such as countries and race.

The information I add may not be completely accurate since I’m pulling them from my brain and then proceeding to update when I’m free to check with the raws.


Main character


Hiyuki – 13 years old body. 143cm tall, weighs 34kg, BWH=74,50,76. Vampire princess (God Ancestor) Leader of the Crimson Imperial. Also known as 姫(

Race: Vampire princess (God Ancestor) Leader of the Crimson Imperial

Leader of the Crimson Imperial. Also known as 姫(hime) and  Tenjoutenga (Elegant Miss of the Sky).


  • Sinner of Rose (Gilles de Reis)
  • Crescent moon model of Rose of Secret: Blue Velvet  三日月型の『薔薇の秘事ブルー・ベルベット』

Job Skills

Fencer’s Berserker Mode

When your HP hit 10%; Berserk—in exchange for a tremendous increase in status players lose the ability to differentiate between friend or foe, and become a mad fencer until they die or a certain amount time has passed.

Racial Traits

Vampire Princess’s special racial trait is known as ‘maddening’. It activates when they don’t consume blood for a certain amount of time or when they face life threatening conditions. It will erase one’s owns conscience, release their power limiter, and make them become a lump of self-defense instinct, and attack anyone around them indiscriminately. (see Arc 3 Episode 4, translated by Tony Von)


Demonic Subordinates(従魔)( / Pets

At this point, I’ll settle with calling them pets… The Seven Star Beasts of Calamity (七禍星獣) and the rest of the gang.

Mikoto (命都) – Seraph. One of the four heavenly kings. Boss to 4 Principalities. 4 sisters: Tsubaki, Enoki, Hisaki and Hiiragi.

Tengai (天涯) – The butler. Blond, according to the book cover. Leader of the Four Evil Heavenly Kings.

Utsuho (空穂) – Kitsune nine tails girl in shrine maiden clothes.

Kokuyou(刻耀) – Dark knight (暗黒騎士).

Ikaruga(斑鳩) – Commander/Chief of the 13 demon shogun. (十三魔将軍の筆頭)

Kokonoe (七禍星獣 鬼眼大僧正九重) – Ghost-eyed priest of the Seven Star Beasts of Calamity.

Iki (壱岐) – Sword dog.

Soujyu(双樹) – Greenman/Treant.

Maroudo (稀人) – 吸血騎士 Blood-sucking knight. Dracula(?) It seems like it was written as the furigana. Maroudo’s first mention is in Ch9, Before the Decisive Battle(raws). Before that he was known as Prince Ashyl, a noble of Amitia Kingdom.

Kurashi – One of the Seven Sacred Beasts of Calamity, the king of Tigers. Ate some sacred beasts at the tournament site.


Other Characters

Joey Aland – An adventurer who is Hiyuki’s guide during his first trip to a town. (I am so confused when referring to Hiyuki sometimes. Should it be he or she? Argh.) Has grown up a little more since meeting Hiyuki. Now has a holy sword secretly given to him by Hiyuki when she’s disguised as Hyuu. He’s from Ala.


Baldem. Makes under the table deals with Eon. Is scared of picking a fight with Imperial Crimson. Under the impression that Imperial Crimson and Eon is in cahoots due to Mimicry Card. The sovereign of Centluna and Youth Grand Duchy.

Collard- Arra City’s guild leader. Is now the King of Amitia.

Gald-sensei – Replaced Collard as guild leader after Collard became the king. Sweats a lot when Hiyuki visits. Now known as Guild Leader Gald. Written as Garuta in katakana.

Mia – Used to be the receptionist at the Adventurer’s Guild. Currently guild leader’s secretary.


Animaru – Guild master of ‘Aniki and Happy Friends’, the holder of court rank equal to Hiyuki, ‘The Beast King Without a Blade’. Is mad that there’s another Beast King. Fist Warrior skill “Knockback”.

Otomaru – An idiot who calls Animaru-san ‘Aniki’. For some reasons likes to call Hiyuki a nekama. Wolfman. Later is defeated by Hiyuki and exploded into bits and pieces due to fusion with an untamable pet, Fenrir.

Lubbock – The Princess’s aide in the previous world. Was ordered by someone to obstruct the Seven Star Beasts of Calamity in Arc 3 Episode 3. “…How should I say it, this world’s God or something like that.” Lubbock answered it with a self-mocking expression. (Arc 3 Chapter 3)

Kagerou – Ex-servant of Hiyuki. Seems to be Hiyuki’s man-crush at one point. An assassin dressed as a non-descript merchant. Works under anokata (the same god person).


Beast Races

Cheetahman tribe 



Bearman tribe

Eugene.  “Big Rock” Eugene. Panda.


Snakeman tribe

Cyril. After being held hostage & substituted in the tournament by Otomaru, he decided to bow out of the competition, letting Revan win by default to go to the finals.


Rabbitman tribe

Chloe. Muscle onee-san. She is scary but she’s cool. Uses the Ruyibang bought from Kagerou. Her name can also be read as Kuroe. She reappears in arc 4, chapter 2 after being missing for several chapters.


Tigerman tribe

Acheron. He got eviscerated by fake Cyril right? Waaait I think he’s still alive…


Lionman tribe

For example, Revan – The hope of the previous leader. Has a stalker, Asmina. Skills: Thunder Leg, Ki Attacks.

Asmina – Revan’s milk sister / sister who shares the same caretaker. Healer.

The (previous?) Beast King. A man who uses good equips because he thinks that not using equips are wasting them. (T/N: Being scared of using good equip seems lame anyway)


Countries & Federations

Imperial Crimson – Is this really considered a country? Hmm.

Gravior Empire – グラウィオール帝国 – The number one top in the ranking of most powerful countries.

Amitia Kingdom – Now ruled by Collard, who was appointed by Hiyuki.

Cres Centluna Federation. – Centluna  Kingdom , Cress Kingdom (Beastkin Country).

Centlunar (ケンスルーナ) Kingdom – neighbour of Cress Kingdom.

Holy Kingdom Eon – Seems like a sinister country… will learn more soon…

Youth Grand Duchy – Will be mentioned again later.


Other details

Moving Fortress [Mukade] 移動要塞『百足(むかで)』- ok, it’s some sort of movable home…I just wanted to add it somewhere… Mukade can also be read as hundred feets.



3 thoughts on “Vampire Princess Character Files (working file)

  1. What happened to the pictures and drawings of Hiyuki-sama, Mikoto-sama, and Tengai-sama on the Madospicy website? Weren’t those made by the author? I think it would be nice to have those among all these drawings.

    As for the Seven Beasts of Calamity, are they the Seven Beasts or Seven Star Beasts? Which one? I forgot what the 13 Demons were called.


  2. Is it the Seven Beasts of Calamity or Seven Star Beasts of Calamity? Also, didn’t the author made some sketches which should be on Madospicy’s website? You can always just make a page for illustrations. Heck, you can have a contest one day as well


    1. Contest? I don’t want to use the artist’s content since they’re not mine, hahaha…all of the visuals on my blog belongs to me. >_<;; I'll add in other character visuals once I manage to draw them.


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