Arc 3 Chapter 20: Clouds cover the moon, Wind scatters the flowers

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Chapter 20 The clouds cover the moon, the wind scatters the flowers

Original writer’s notes: With this chapter, the Beast king arc ends. To stick with it for so long, thank you very much.

Translator’s notes: Buy the original writer’s books! Search: 吸血姫は薔薇色の夢をみる 1 イノセント・ヴァンパイア

Revan rushed towards Acheron directly like an arrow.

With an arrogant look which shows he’ll take the hit, Acheron lowered his back to prepare against Revan’s attack. A series of thrusts and kicks was launched by Revan. Acheron received it using both of his arm and lower leg, but of course, he couldn’t counter the pressure completely and was pushed back by several meters.

–I can win!

Towards the defensive Acheron, Revan had thought to follow up with another attack, but, since he didn’t breathe for the past few attacks, paused to catch a breather.


However, this pause did not escape Acheron’s attention.

In a blink of an eye, towards the Revan who stopped, he shrunk the distance between them and let out a straight punch, putting his entire weight behind it.


In the space of a hair strand, his fist passed Revan’s face as he dodged, his skin burnt by the force of the punch.

As expected from Strong Arm.

While moving forward half a step as it is, Revan danced in the air. While jumping, he added spin to his right heel, a bold strike – catching Acheron’s face with a whirlwind kick.

GAKiN! (Sound of metal)

Unlike body made of flesh, they made a metallic sound as they collided, bouncing back like bullets.


Towards the figure of Acheron who had raised two of his hands, Revan pressed the side of his abdominal parts.


Just before the whirlwind kick, he crossed his arms to protect against it, on top of that, catching his knee.

…neither a gap or negligence. He’s certainly a wild tiger.

As if responding to the enthusiasm radiated by Acheron, Revan’s body felt as if it started heating up inside, the feelings ran through him as if his blood boiled

The man in front of me is strong. If I were honest, he may be exceedingly stronger than me.

In that case, I will have to use all of my strength, as I want to defeat the one stronger than me.

With that urge, his body moved.



On the stone stage at the Sacred Grounds, two men with their power and skills, fought without letting the other side take a step in for the sake of their ideology.


Neither side focused on offense or defense, mutually they changed from offense and defense in turns. As if they were dancing, they fought on the stone stage.


Sometimes yells filled with fighting spirit were made as punches, kicks and falls were made, and those shouts echoed the sounds of the hand-to-hand combat to the surrounding, filling the atmosphere around the area, causing the air to vibrate with tenseness.

The beastkin standing around the area, eyes were open wide, ears perked, not a single cough, as if they thought their chests were blocked, watching the fierce fight closely as they did not know what sort of conclusion will occur.


“Revan-niisama… he will win… right?”


Next to me, Asmina asked, in a tone as if she wanted to know from me, a soft murmur.


I think she tried to consider from the condition of Revan’s body, turning pale and chasing the figure of Revan with her eyes.

“In terms of speed, Revan is faster. In terms of power and experience, the other side is superior, is what it feels like.”


Firstly, I gave an objective view. Yet as the words came out of my mouth, Asmina asked again with her clinging eyes.

“That is… whether they will end up with a draw, is what you’re asking?”


While I still had hesitation in my chest, Utsuho quickly stated her conclusion.

“It is the youngster’s defeat.”

As if she understood the meaning from my silence, Asmina patiently endured, and continued waiting.

What a strong girl.

That’s why I, too, honestly answered her.

“If he had 5 more years, no, 3 years, then he might’ve been able to defeat him, if it is the him right now,he will be defeated due to the time limit, his own strength and the differences in experience. Most importantly, that is something which the two people who are fighting probably know, which is probably why Revan who understood this, and released the technique to recover from defeat, and then based on how he’s going to retaliate against his opponent, you can roughly estimate who will be the winner.”


Before I could finish my words, a big development occurred to the fight on top of the stone stage.




Acheron’s sharp yell caused a stir, shortening the distance in one go. At the same time, he drew closer with left and right two-stage thrusts. With the weight of his hips, it was a continuous attack that used his whole body’s force.


At the suddenness of Revan who brushed the attack off with his palms, “Ffn,” Acheron sent out a flurry of kicks at godspeed. But, this had, in the distance of a hair strand, been dodged by Revan who turned around till he’s horizontal. (t/n: Oh my!)



Towards the crumble in his upper body stance, “SHA-!” he preemptively attacked quickly with his right fist.


“Sha!” without a single word, he rushed in with his right fist rushed for an attack.


Revan combined the strength of his wrists in the form of a cross to stop the blow, at the same time, he fixed himself on Acheron’s right wrist, and as it is, he added rotational force by coiling around his wrist and threw him.

At that instant, Revan’s body was blown off and he collapsed horizontally as if he was flicked, and Acheron who received a half-baked hit and also fell over.

Acheron nimbly got up as if he did not receive a single scratch.

However, Revan who had collapsed as he made sounds of anguish with his mouth, spilling fresh blood.


Seeing Revan’s struggle, Acheron said this. “That was sunda*. A penetrating attack against internal body at a close distance –  it seems you have used it, I also have a technique like that. Whether it is very close, or at zero distance, it is not a problem.”


Be as it may, within the qualifier this technique hasn’t been seen before. It was likely kept for the sake of using it in the finals, that Revan had been splendidly outsmarted.


In one way or another Revan adjusted his breathing and stood but, his gait can hardly be said as light.

Due to receiving the ‘sunda’ hit while almost defenceless, he must’ve taken internal damage.

“It will be decided in one strike. …If you were to accept defeat now, you still can escape death you know?”


Without saying a word and readying himself, Revan’s determined decision can be read from his eyes , at this point Acheron’s words were useless. No, deciding not dirty his(Revan’s) pride as a warrior, he too, readied his stance.

“Let’s go.”




At the time, on the side of the stone stage, a small unrest started.

Noticing Asmina’s attempt to jump towards Revan, Hiyuki bound her arms behind her back to restrain her.

“Wait! It’s against the rules to enter the stage now!”

“Let me go! At this rate, Revan-niisama will die!”


As she had a far smaller and thinner body, Hiyuki who had pressured her with all her status points was impossible to shake off, Asmina screamed and cried as if she was a spoilt child.

“It’s still the middle of the fight! Revan still have the will to fight, how could you not trust in him! If you were to get in between the fight now, wouldn’t you end up betraying Revan?!”

“Even if I betray or if he lose it’s fine! As long as nii-san will still be alive!!”


Revan heard her voice.

Unexpectedly, the overpowering sound of footsteps of death that approached, started to wither in his heart, suddenly lightening.

-Speaking of which, this happened a while ago.

Through his younger sister’s scream and the voice of Hiyuki calming her, he thought of the match which was held a few days ago in the presence of his master, the beast king, a few days ago.

-good grief. It seems like I haven’t grow a bit.

Thinking of those times, he made a smile. It was as if a fog had been lifted from his heart, perfectly clearing it to show a sunny sky.

At the sight of this expression, Acheron was puzzled in an instant, furrowing his brow, however his concentration was not affected, at the same time when Revan closes the distance-

“Haa!” Condensing all the [Kei] in his whole body, he pushed out his right palm.


Revan who had received deep internal damage did not dodge, and on the other hand even if he did, he was confident his next strike will connect.

But in the moment when Acheron’s palm touch Revan’s chest, something happened.

Together with a resistance he felt as he punched the air, Acheron’s attack missed.

Revan spun counterclockwise, it was a natural movement as if he was spun by Acheron’s push as if he were feathers flying in the wind.


From there, Revan thrown a middle punch as if it was as a natural thing to do.

To begin with this was the basics, a technique which is taught by the teacher in the beginning. There was no hesitation or defect. It was similar to that day when Hiyuki had released it.

TON! That was the sound it made as he lightly struck which was as he expected, yet the point where the strike landed caused a shockwave, and Acheron who had used his entire body’s technique and counter was blown back for several tens of meters, falling on top of the stone stage.

No matter how stubbornly he tried to get up, Acheron’s bones were clearly broken due to the strike that was landed earlier.

Towards Acheron, Revan lowered his head.

“I thank you for the directions you gave, tribe chief Acheron. Because of your efforts this body was able to be improved.”

At those words, Acheron’s eyes went round in an instant and following that he laughed with a happy manner.

“You thanked me for the win? That’s a great. If I were to win I would’ve succumbed to ecstasy… good grief, it’s my loss.”

The whole audience that had been quiet, at that moment, was roused to burst out with cheers and claps.


Asmina who was overwhelmed by her emotions had tears running down her face as she rushed towards Revan.

Even though Asmina should have been restrained under the stone stage, Hiyuki was shaken off by Asmina who used all her strength, “Eh, how did she?” at the sight of the impossible feat, she was gobsmacked.



With that, Revan was officially recognized as the [Successor of the beast king] through the a formal nomination, and after the tournament he gathered all of the tribe chiefs, exited the Cress Kingdom and formally established an alliance with Imperial Crimson.

As a result, Cress Kingdom was suspected of rebellion*, so the Federal Government(more accurately, the countries surrounding it, centering on Centluna Kingdom) dispatched military force under the pretext of suppressing the rebellion, and the beastkin reacted from their discontent, as a result they were split into two factions – the Cress kingdom faction and Centluna kingdom faction.

At the time, one-by-one in terms of strength, generally speaking they would be disadvantaged on Cress Kingdom’s side, but under the banner of the young tribe leader Revan, they ended the fight with the strong tribes starting from the lionkin tribe, with Imperial Crimson indirectly giving aid and protecting the civilians, they are also able to compete equally with Centluna kingdom in terms of material and human resources, causing the pause in the battlefronts.

But, to not miss this chance, Gravior Empire with the backing of Holy Kingdom Eon would began to invade Centluna.

Centluna Kingdom was unable to deal with this multifaceted state of war’s outbreak, and the shape of the battlefronts of Cress Kingdom which was barely supported was being forced back. Countries in the federation also maintain their neutrality changed sides to Cress Kingdom, eventually Centluna Kingdom and Youth Grand Duchy were forced to cede by the Empire, from this, it was a matter of fact that the Cress-Centluna Federation will crumble, and the chief of the federation, Baldem, will forever be under house arrest in the Empire.

At this rate, in the nick of time, it appears that a trigger of total out war will be fired between the Empire and Cress Kingdom (formerly named Cress Freedom Alliance), but a formal belonging treaty between the Cress Freedom Alliance and Imperial Crimson had been executed, and became a vassal state similar to Amitia. Fearing the lengthening and magnification of war, a compromise settlement was advised by Graviol side, so that the both parties can put down their arms.

All above was the series of events that came to a close in half a month, from this, Cress-Centluna Federation which was in the first position of the three major countries was dissolved. The status of Gravior Empire which was no.2 was elevated to the first place, and their position was succeeded by Imperial Crimson (because of the country’s territory size), the shape of the diagram changed into 2 big empires and Holy Kingdom Eon.

Speaking of which, because Collard is the king of Amitia Republic, Imperial Crimson’s sovereign Hiyuki was informing the current international situation.

“-that’s so quick. How could that be..?”

Although it could be said the person was greatly perplexed, the truth of the situation hasn’t been confirmed.

In the next chapter, it will be about the internal workings of a young country (even though I say so I’ll be depending on others), there will be an appointment with the Gravior Empire ( not to the point of an all-out war though).


Translation Notes:

*Sunda – a type of attack (Video:

*As a result, Cress Kingdom was suspected of rebellion* =Can be interpreted as Treason / Rebellion / Uprising



Translator’s Update

As this chapter ends, I might be taking a month off to compile all of the new words and grammar rules I’ve learnt so that I can start relying more on my memory and less on the dictionary and Internet. By the way, the place I was working at? They’re downsizing and I’m out to job hunt so it will might affect the schedules a little. Life is getting in my way! Unyuu>A<; Will try my best to keep to the schedule I set.

There are still minor errors in this chapter which I will recheck this weekend. Ugyuu why isn’t japanese machine translation more advanced… it did not help me when I need it the most twt;



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