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As of April, I’ve received a single one-dollar donation! Thanks! Not sure if they want to be named so I’m just going to leave it as that. That money is probably going to my education fund \ ^_^ / (seems like fruits can cost up to 1 dollar in Japan!). I gotta work on more art commissions…and my job. Gotta keep my full-time job alive!

Ganbarimasu! Minna mo! :3


Updated: 22/4/2017

Tentative update schedule: 1 chapter per month.

(Last updated on 27/2/2017)

Hi. I’m happy (deliriously glad, appreciative, jumping in my seat) you cared enough about the writer you actually clicked the about page. Maybe you’re just curious.

You can call me nattou or imouto-san. Since I am a younger sister. I’m not that young anymore, but, well, we like to be spoiled a lot.

When I was younger I watched Chobits. I think I fell in love with the language around that time, but it could have been caused by any other Japanese media that I’ve seen when I was younger, but I wasn’t able to recognize it.

I couldn’t escape the beauty of the Japanese language and in weeks, I would take words out of the anime and memorize them one by one, as if remembering it would enable me to say them too. One of the words, I remembered repeating many many times over the course of a few days was, (umi), for sea. (It was the episode where Chii played at the sea.)

This blog was born out of the urge to further the ambition. The ambition of being able to read light novel, to supplement being able to speak this language. After all, if you want to speak it, you gotta know how to read it. Isn’t that right?

If you’re interested in learning languages via light novels do leave a comment on one of my chapters. I’m still thinking of how I can combine learning languages with this blog.

(Last updated on 15/2/2017)

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