Arc 4 Episode 5: Being caught in one’s own trap


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“I’m a half-baked mage.” hugging her knees, Fiore looked downwards.

Come to think of it, there are members like these in the guild too.

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Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 4: Sajin Labyrinth (Sandstorm Labyrinth)

vampire princess

Chapter 4: Sajin Labyrinth(Sandstorm Labyrinth)

第四話 砂塵迷宮

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[Sandstorm Dungeon] used to be a rocky mountain with the appearance of remains (traces of what makes up the base of ruins). After the expansion of Viridis, they investigated the surroundings, and as a result, they discovered an underground labyrinth recently.

The first layer is roughly 1km x 700 meter floor with the shape of a shovel.


The edge of the shovel became the entrance. After crossing the passage which turned into the form of a maze, there is a straight corridor around the hand grip. Beyond that, there is a stair that led to a lower floor. After descending to that floor, there is a path shaped like the edge of a shovel except in the reverse direction. It descends steadily the same way as before.


The lowest floor which was confirmed is the tenth floor, where the escape transportation circle is, and if you haven’t registered a return point beyond that floor, you will be returned to the entrance automatically. If you had registered at a different location beforehand, you would have the option to travel elsewhere.

The main living monsters are sandworms, sand scorpions, poison bat, sand viper and those sorts of magical beasts, mummy, skeleton types of undead, as well as sand golem sort of magically created beings.

“-oh, is that so?”

“As- as a novice, you’re quite good, Hiyuki-san.”

While we were walking, Joey was impressed with the explanation I gave, and Fiore strangely was fired up her rivalry as a pro.

No, this sort of information is something which you could easily see in the guild if you looked it up, but you guys actually had intended to really go there without a plan huh.

“Speaking of which,” I stood next to – or more accurately, looking up at the towering Amazonian, I asked her, “Is it really fine to accompany us to past the time?”

“I don’t mind. To begin with, this is my main job. Also, I’m actually interested in this dungeon.”

The beastman adventurer (incidentally she seems to be an A rank adventurer) Chloe replied while twirling her beloved red staff – the Ruyi staff and laughed.

“ーand, speaking of which, what happened to the two people that were accompanying you?”

It’s probably about Tengai and Mikoto.

Chloe looked around, trying to search for them who had disappeared at one point despite indications they were still there.


“Ah, for the time being, they’re on standby.”

“Eh, since they were so serious, I thought they would properly object that you want to go to the dungeon, but they’re properly abiding your will, aren’t they.”

“If I had to share my opinion, you would always object to it.” Tengai’s dissatisfaction leaked out while he’s in the pet fusion. Speaking of which, Mikoto is on standby in the air, so Tengai was frank about his opinions.

Speaking of which, to better support Joey and the rest, I’ve worn the sacred equipment Rose of Secret: Blue Velvet, and the battledress “Warfaring Rose Anne Of Gaiastein” which I had obtained, and more, prepared for all sorts of things, and just in case, the go all out equipment (Since it’s saintess mode in pet fusion, Mikoto would have been a better choice, but Tengai had objected strongly.)

Well, it’s not clear what level of difficulty the Sandstorm Labyrinth is, if it has to be done, I could summon Kokuyou via shadow movement, it’s probably fine, I thought.

With such feelings, the four people walked, gossiping about the recent state of affairs. Well, Fiore is shy so she mostly talked to Joey, and around an hour, we reached Sandstorm Labyrinth.

As the eyes can see, it really feels like it became a dungeon when you put a pile of rocks together, and the earth had a hole cracked open, continuing into a stairwell.

Thus, there was a small shack at the entrance, and this is where they collect entrance fee and receive those who have paid for the entrance.


And then, we paid the entrance. Understanding that Joey and the girl didn’t carry any Cress Free Country’s currency, they exchanged the coins separately to be fair (I wonder what was he honestly intended to do here…) Moreover, we registered the time we’re entering the dungeon and the exit date the dungeon with a pen at the register.

Looking at the page before me unintentionally, there were names of those who came out of the dungeon were crossed out with double lines, but, within the ledger, the names of those who exceeded the scheduled time long ago still remaining on the list. It’s perhaps around the rate of one out of twenty people. Is this a lot? Or very little, it is difficult to discern.

And also, we bought a map of the dungeon since it was being sold there.


At the point of entering the dungeon up to ten steps, they were confronted with a difficult problem.

“It’s dark, isn’t it, teacher.”

“It sure is. At Ala’s ancient ruins, no matter which floor you’re on, it’s bright.”

At the sight of the two of them who are stopped as they are stuck, unintentionally, under the dim light, Chloe and I looked at their faces.

Naturally, as a vampire, darkness doesn’t affect me.  (Speaking of which, it is more comfortable than under the blazing sunlight), as for Chloe, the light coming from the entrance is probably the same as broad daylight.

“Well, since it is a racial difference, nothing can be done.” we nodded to each other. – Nope, they could actually prepare beforehand if they knew about this earlier, I think.

And, the design of the ancient ruins at Ala could be too kind. If only it had a harsher environment to be experienced then it would be great.

“Wait, if I remember correctly, we brought lamps…”

Joey rummaged around for his things noisily, and near the foot of Fiore who tried to help, a poisonous viper approached. Without a word or sound, Chloe hit the poisonous sand viper with her Ruyi staff.

“If it’s to light up the area I can do something about it. — illuminating light.”

From the tip of the crescent moon model of Rose of Secret: Blue Velvet, a lump of light emerged, illuminating the area to make it seem like midday.

I nonchalantly threw that lump of light above our heads, and the light floated in the space right in between the four of us.

“I think this should last for half a day.” As I walked, the light also followed us.

“Ahh, what a convenient thing.”

“We’re saved thanks to Hiyuki tagging along.”

“Wha- what is this, this magic?! I’ve never heard of such a thing before…”

I responded to the three of their different reactions with a light shrug.


Now that our sight is improved, there are no problems afterward. As we had a map, we advanced quickly through the first to the sixth floor.

Again, the monsters that came from this floor too, were the poisonous snake Sand Viper and sand scorpions as large as puppies, Poison bats which are effective with physical attacks. Because they are easy opponents, I entrust them to Joey’s sword and Fiore’s magic, and we only help out when there is a situation they can’t handle.

It’s just that, the only exception is the Sand Worm which appears on the 5th Floor. Just recalling it makes me sick, the thoughts of that sand-colored earth or ragworm monster. It’s impossible for me mentally.

At the moment when they entered the small room, the sandworm raised its head from the floor of sand. Me and Fiore who I’m not familiar with had screamed “KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Hugging each other while screaming, we were in a frozen state.

And instead of me who was not considered part of the battle force, Joey and Chloe chopped and crushed it while yelling, and thanks to that they were bathed in greenish blue fluids …


And, once again, we screamed together, but as expected that was improper so we are reflecting on what we’d done.

It was a small mercy that the sandworm only appeared once.

Temporarily, Joey and Chloe were washed with water by Fiore’s magical spell, and afterward, she apologizes as she bows.

Later, there will be blank areas and small mistakes on the 6~8th floors of the map, our speed will have to decrease, and the monsters that will appear here will be mummies or skeletons and such which are the undead types, Joey’s magical sword of light will surely be of use.

“As expected of teacher!”

Fiore had cheered, but as she had changed her magic to a fire type which is effective against undead, an attack of quick wit and adaptability, Joey isn’t that much to be impressed of.

With such feelings, we somehow made it to the ninth floor, where we rested on the stairs that leads us further inside.


“Starting from the ninth floor it’s completely blank.” spreading the dungeon map, I sighed.

What’s written were just scribbles of “The monsters on ninth floor are golems, sand golems, etc.” and “The boss of the tenth floor is Sphinx.”

“Golems, huh? My sword is not suitable towards dealing with them.”

In this case, it’s almost the same as dealing with the Rock in a game of scissors paper stone.

Well, if it’s to split rocks with purely sword skills, or to brute strength it with force is different, for Joey’s case, it isn’t enough for either one of them.

“Could always destroy the cores that are their center. As for the method, Fiore ojou-chan attack the main body with magical power, and Joey distracts it, gradually cut it down, destroying its leg, and once the core is found, and to chop it down is the way to go right.” Chloe suggested this method for now.

Joey nodded as if he understood her comment, but when Fiore heard it, she bit her lips and looked down.

“It’s not possible.”

Before long a voice leaked out from her mouth as if it was gone as it entered.

With a smile as if she was going to cry, Fiore answered, “I do, but it’s not possible.”

From there, turning her eyes devoid of envy or admiration at me, she said, “You’ve noticed it, haven’t you, Hiyuki-san. That I’m just a half-baked magic caster.”


“Even though I can construct magic spells, compared to the magical power behind instantaneous casting and the combined magical strength the difference is bigger. It’s fine if it’s a small magical beast but if it’s a golem, I’ll be unable to deal any damage to it. I’m just a powerless magic caster.

“Um, but, didn’t you use magic properly earlier?”

“Yes, teacher. My condition today just seem to be good. But this is thanks to Hiyuki-san’s buff isn’t it?”

“…it’s true, I’ve cast buffs which boosts magic casting.”

“I’m envious. Very much so.” Fiore murmured as she looked down.


Original Writer’s Notes

I aimed to release it on 3rd January for once and yet I was unable to make the dateline.


如意棒 (にょいぼう) – the Ru Yi Staff was mentioned in the prelim chapters.  Learn more:


Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 3: Labyrinth Exploration

vampire princess

It’s the first draft, so please excuse the weirdness. Will be updated again once I wake up. Happy New Year!

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Chapter Three: Dungeon Exploration

Original Author’s Notes:

It’s been a while since I wrote with such vigour. I slightly regretted it.


The western part of Amitia Republic, Ala is where Joey the adventurer should have been. More than that, the surprising part is that the girl Joey travelled with was a girl who is around his age.

What happened to Mia?! Was she replaced by a younger girl!?

While giving a look as if she’s about to ask a question, Joey and the girl exchanged looks, and then for some reason, Joey waved both hands in a panic.

“That’s wrong! Don’t misunderstand, there’s no such thing between us!…Let’s talk about it, ok?”

“Hm. If you have some sort of explanation, then let’s hear it.” This is also for Mia-san’s sake. And, if I might be mistaken about something, still, I don’t know if there was a misunderstanding.

“Teacher, it’s so cruel to say that there’s nothing between us~”

Perhaps she’s the type that’s shy with people she doesn’t know, objecting weakly while hiding behind Joey with a timid attitude.

But, what the hell is with this girl. Even though our heights are the same, she has a bodacious body. If I had to say it, it’s the breasts. What cup size is that?!

Perhaps a magician, she was dressed in a robe, the chest part of the short dress she wore beneath seemed as if it’s about to burst open. Even though she’s short, her chest is big. It is an outrageous figure if I have to say.

Ah right, it’s not that his response towards Mia-san was lacking, so it’s because of the boobs, isn’t it? The boobs are the reason! This vulgar person!

Instinctively jealous, I was provoked. Yep, as a friend I should frankly congratulate him but, because his partner has a large chest, it was difficult to accept it. Even I wondered and touch mine sometimes, I’m not satisfied with it. If this was going to happen like this, then maybe it would have been better to grow it more. Recently it increased by 2 centimeters – and, I control my train of thought which went to tomorrow and turned to look at Joey’s face.

Speaking of which, perhaps Chloe-san and Tengai were being considerate as they moved the chairs slightly away from where I was.  it became a composition where I sat on the sofa while Joey and she stood opposite me.

“Could you sit down for now. It must be tiring to keep looking upwards.”

At my urging, Joey sat in the opposite seat facing me in haste, the girl sat beside him and drew her body closer – sending me a provocative look with her upturned eyes, why did she do that. I thought it’s because it was the first time meeting me, but could I have done something that rubbed her wrong? …could it be, I looked at her breasts for too long she felt disgusted?  – For some reason, Joey separated his body a hand away from her, and in between them, he placed his unfastened sword and scabbard.

“Err, this girl is Fiore, an E rank adventurer that has only been in my party several times. She’s only a co-worker.”

Could it be really important for Joey, he repeated ‘only’ twice.

“…Nice… to meet you, I am Joey’s apprentice, Fiore.”

Somehow Fiore bowed in a formal way. Speaking of which, if she were to loosen her hair she would have light chestnut Semi-long twintails, her look is quite cute, she’s indeed what we call the girly type.

“Nice to meet you, I am Joey’s friend Hiyuki. – Teacher?”

Joey seems to be rather disappointed at my greetings, “Just friends haa…” – is it better if I said best buddies?Just like a bratty bully from somewhere (Doraemon) – Noticing my question, he’s knitting his brows as if I’m mistaken.

“This person had taken her own liberty to say that. Since when did I teach someone proudly?”

“Is that so? Recently [Work isn’t a game], or [Treasure your life], didn’t you give much splendid advice?”

“…did I say such things to you?”



“-Ahh… err, errm I recently heard it from the Guild Leader Gald (hiragana:Garudo) that you said it to the beginners.”

For now, I have to deceive him so I said it, and Joey grimaced.

“Ah, it’s that time I was with Hyuu. Sensei’s mouth spilled such things too lightly.”

My apologies, Guild Leader Gald , I had arbitrarily lowered your value in Joey’s eyes.

I gave my apologies from my heart, to him somewhere under the distant skies.

…or perhaps I should say, why is it I haven’t noticed it yet, seriously.

“Absolutely not! Teacher is my saviour. Because I’m following teacher as example, I’ve set my target to become a wonderful adventurer!”

This is her firm resolve huh? Fiore gave a powerful declaration, completely changed from her timid tone.

You’ve made him a goal huh. However, I think it’s better to stop.

And also, even though it’s fine to do whatever you want, don’t take a violent pose and sway exaggeratedly.

“Saviour… as a fellow adventurer in the same team, it’s natural to help each other. By chance at that time I was nearby, if it’s anyone else, they would have done the same.”

As if it’s a matter of course, Joey said it plainly, but in reality, in emergencies, there are not many people who are able to do it without hesitation.

But well, somehow or other I understood. It could be the suspension bridge effect, to admire Joey who saved her when she’s in a pinch, this booby – er, I mean, Fiore pushed him into becoming his student.

“I kind of know the circumstances, but why come here? Travelling?”

“No, as hired escort for the magical ship from Amitia, we came here. In this case, the requirement for the job was [People who can swim]. There weren’t many people who could swim in Ala, but, since I was born in the village near the beach, swimming became my forte. – And, this girl is a magician, so by just by being there, she is valuable.”

Hee, he unexpectedly has a special skill and a backbone.

“Hm? Then how are you going back? Will you be returning by escorting the magical ship?”

“No, it was only a one-way trip.” Joey replied easily as he shook his head.

“Then are you paying for your own way back? While I’m not sure what sort of ships there are, they are comparatively expensive aren’t they?”

“ In the worst case we’ll pay for our trip back, but I have an idea how I could go back.” Joey said confidently and laughed.

“What kind of idea?”

“The dungeons, of course. Recently, there were rumours of a dungeon with teleportation magic on the tenth floor. I’ve registered my magical signature, so moving to Ala’s magical teleportation portal and then back will be done skillfully, is what I thought.”

“Ah, I see.”

For me, by normally deciding to have a save point at the sky garden, using [Return] skill I could travel back easily, and I also have countless personal [teleportation rock] that has the Save & Return skill, so I was able to enjoy the use of teleportation magic, but in this world, OOparts have been removed, and occasionally there would be discovery of the remains of a magical teleportation portal.

Speaking of which, teleportation magic circles can’t be used once it coordinates are off the point, so the usual has been a pattern to create a city before the location of the magic square.

As a matter of course, any country would practice strict control of the use of the portal, for example, for movement between point A and point B, you would have to be there in person to register your magical signature and receive permission at point B.

And so, by paying a large sum of money at location A, you can move to location B, however, people who did not register, and those who get their permits cancelled, of course, could not warp to the place. To be trapped in the space interval, unable to return to the real world, so it is quite a high risk, high return method. But as Joey has finished the registration at Ala earlier, by using the magical teleportation circle which isn’t regulated by anyone in the dungeon, then it will be a way to return for free besides being able to return in an instant, it seems like a bargain.

With a look it does look like a great plan without exception but…

“Hey, Joey, do you have experience exploring dungeons?” as I was interested in that, I had to try and confirm it.

“I do, at Ala’s ancient ruins. I reached the 18th floor at that dungeon. However, I entered with a temporary team.”

I had destroyed the dungeon there with Four Evil Heavenly Kings, so the result from the large-scale magical remodelling, so even if you were a beginner, you wouldn’t die until the 20th layer, and those who are able to enter the next 10 layers are for professionals, veterans and top-class, and the difficulty increases. Speaking of which, to solo, Maroudo who was an S-grade adventurer too would be able to clear up to the 58th floor (the deepest layer is 70th).

There none other than the 18 floors, moreover, to not be able to go without forming a party, he really seems to be a complete novice.

I don’t really know the difficulty of the dungeon, these two probably can’t clear it.

“Maa, as expected, we’re not so dumb as to suddenly challenge a dungeon with only the two of us, so we thought to come here and find a party to enter the dungeon together but,”

Aah, as I thought they are not idiots.

“Because we didn’t meet their requirements, as of now we were talking about going there with just the two of us.”

Un, as I thought, they’re actually idiots.

“Well, I didn’t expect to meet Hiyuki here. Hiyuki too, why are you here?”

“I’m only here for a work-related meetup.”

“Ah, you even had to work here. It’s tough to be you.”

“Well, it’s about my country, so.”

Fiore who heard this had a dubious expression. With an aloof way, she pulled Joey’s sleeve and asked him in a soft voice. Well, as a vampire princess I could still overhear them.

“…Er, teacher, Hiyuki-san is the girlfriend Teacher’s been talking about all along right…? But no parts of her looked like a beast race’s and what did she mean her own country… ?”

I don’t mind if she directly asked me the questions, could it be her shyness is very strong? And, this girl, does she regularly use the third person pronoun? (Translator’s note: Girlfriend, kanojo, can be used to refer to a girl. Hiyuki thinks Fiore is referring to herself)

“Th- that’s wrong! Don’t jump to conclusions. And, about [My country] Hiyuki said, that’s because Hiyuki is much greater than Collard, an Emperor or Empress, she probably means that “This country is mine” when she said it.

“Huh? Is that so???” Even though she completely didn’t understand that explanation, I decided to let it rest since performing a Mito Komon play* doesn’t seem like a good idea, I’ll set it aside.

Even so, it’s alright that Joey has the intention to enter the dungeon with vigour, but I won’t be able to sleep well knowing that the big breasted- err, girl in front of me would be a victim. For one, it would hurt a man’s pride ( I abandoned the body a long time ago, but it’s kind of a mental thing)

Since the first 10 floors will probably be easy to conquer, it’s not bad to help out a little.


Author’s Notes: Fiore’s personality was already written as an introvert, so it was difficult (to write her).


Translation notes (added on 21 January)

  • Mito Komon (or their English wiki page) was mentioned in this chapter, but since I wasn’t sure what sort of historical play it was, I translated as I understood within the context and removed the mention of the historical drama earlier. A little later I noticed I misunderstood the usage, so I have updated to reflect senpai’s comment.

Happy New Year!

I’m sorry for the delay in translations.

I’ve been so distracted by my social life that I haven’t been able to dig out the time to translate the chapter.

While it is a very exciting time for me, I’m sure it has been hell for those who have been waiting for the chapter. For that, I am sorry!

As such, I am releasing the next chapter within 24hours, but it will be the first draft. The reviewed version will be updated within a week. Please excuse the horrible mistakes.

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Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 2: The Female Adventurer


Draft: nattou

T/N: Thank madospicy again for proofing the TLs and picking up TL mistakes. I caught a cold, but managed to finish this up a week before this month ends. Yatta! Well. There’s a small sentence I am not happy with, but I wanted to send this out as soon as I could.

第二話 女冒険者

Arc 4, Chapter 2 Female Adventurer

(the original) Author’s Note: It is Chloe-neesan’s reappearance.


At Viridis, the temporary capital of the Free Nation Alliance Of Cress.

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Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 1: The Imperial Conference

vampire princess

First draft: nattou  Status: Checked once by mado-senpai.

Updated: 24 September 2017, One large change is on how they could use beastman as source of income. Otherwise is a few perspective errors, rofl.

Arc 4: The Chaos in the Empire

First chapter: The Imperial Conference

link to raws:

In the everlasting dark country, Imperial Crimson The Sky Gardens of the Serene Sky Scarlet Jade castle.

“Pardon me for being late. It’s Revan who is summoned by the imperial command…”

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Translator update 6 Aug 2017

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I am sincerely sorry to announce that there are no chapters this month(Aug) because of:

  1. An offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m starting a new job next month, but I’ll definitely finish 1 chapter within September
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Vampire princess’s next Arc will resume around September. I will be using my holidays to catch up on the updates.

There’s not a lot of holidays in this month… 😦

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I’m sure if someone were to make a statistics they will see that we’re working more and earning less. Sometimes we’re even doing work that did not need to be done. We need to learn how to go ‘lean’ and ‘quick’… not ‘fat’ and ‘as soon as you can’.

Let’s do the work that truly matters.


Vampire Princess Arc 3 Chapter 20: Clouds cover the moon, Wind scatters the flowers

Draft: nattou

Checking: Madospicy-senpai =w=;

Chapter 20 The clouds cover the moon, the wind scatters the flowers

Original writer’s notes: With this chapter, the Beast king arc ends. To stick with it for so long, thank you very much.

Translator’s notes: Buy the original writer’s books! Search: 吸血姫は薔薇色の夢をみる 1 イノセント・ヴァンパイア

Revan rushed towards Acheron directly like an arrow.

With an arrogant look which shows he’ll take the hit, Acheron lowered his back to prepare against Revan’s attack. A series of thrusts and kicks was launched by Revan. Acheron received it using both of his arm and lower leg, but of course, he couldn’t counter the pressure completely and was pushed back by several meters.

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