Vampire Princess Translation Chapter List

vampire princess

Monthly chapter releases. If I manage to work on more than one chapter I’ll post earlier, I guess. Thanks again for madospicy who proofs to make sure my TL isn’t nonsense/catch funny mistakes.

In progress: Currently in the middle of job seeking. May affect next chapter. Will try my best. New arc coming soon!

Current translation goal: Finish up this arc (which means the next chapter!). I might be picking up a different project afterward (depending on whether vampire princess plot gets better) because I realized villain bro story (悪役令嬢の兄に転生したので何とかしてみる) was dropped by a different translator. Or maybe I’ll just keep translating this and read that in the original language.

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Work in Progress


I worked on this piece of work for a contest. This is the work in progress piece I saved before I submitted the completed piece. Since I worked on a single layer, I guess I can’t make a progress gif.windp