Happy New Year!

I’m sorry for the delay in translations.

I’ve been so distracted by my social life that I haven’t been able to dig out the time to translate the chapter.

While it is a very exciting time for me, I’m sure it has been hell for those who have been waiting for the chapter. For that, I am sorry!

As such, I am releasing the next chapter within 24hours, but it will be the first draft. The reviewed version will be updated within a week. Please excuse the horrible mistakes.

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Translator update 6 Aug 2017

I posted this because I’m sure some of you don’t read all my notes at the end of the chapters. For those who do, I’m sure this isn’t news.


I am sincerely sorry to announce that there are no chapters this month(Aug) because of:

  1. An offer I couldn’t refuse. I’m starting a new job next month, but I’ll definitely finish 1 chapter within September
  2. Chatting with too many Japanese girls on Hello Talk app to make my life less dreary. They’re so cute! :3
  3. I am brushing up my Japanese<< mostly this.

Vampire princess’s next Arc will resume around September. I will be using my holidays to catch up on the updates.

There’s not a lot of holidays in this month… 😦

It’s so weird that the more modern we are, the more work we have. Isn’t technology supposed to make our life better? Sigh.

I’m sure if someone were to make a statistics they will see that we’re working more and earning less. Sometimes we’re even doing work that did not need to be done. We need to learn how to go ‘lean’ and ‘quick’… not ‘fat’ and ‘as soon as you can’.

Let’s do the work that truly matters.


Vampire Princess Translation Chapter List

vampire princess

One chapter every two months. Warning! Inconsistent chapter releases. Thanks again for madospicy who proofs to make sure my TL isn’t nonsense/catch funny mistakes.

In progress:   Chapter 6 – around July 2018. Still erratic updates due to study, travel and work. Will do my best.

Summary: I had expected to die in an accident, but instead, I woke up as my vampire princess character from “Eternal Horizon Online”. It turns out that I, along with my assets, territories, and my pets from the game were all transferred to a similar world. When fighting, I was clearly in a better form than my followers who are stronger than me. Due to these circumstances, I also had no choice but to reign as the ‘me’ in the game…(from madospicy)

For chapters before the 3rd Arc, please visit Madospicy~

3rd Arc – Beast King of Borderland

Arc 4: Confusion in the Empire

Arc 5:

  • Episode 1 –
  • Episode 2 –

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Vampire Princess Character Files (by this translator, a work in progress thing)

The Vampire Princess Sees a Pink-Coloured Dream

Also known as: Kyuuketsu hime wa barairo no yume o miru 吸血姫は薔薇色の夢をみる


Work in Progress


I worked on this piece of work for a contest. This is the work in progress piece I saved before I submitted the completed piece. Since I worked on a single layer, I guess I can’t make a progress gif.windp