Translator’s Update (April 2018) – I’ll be in Japan!

I’m going back to school! Or rather, Japanese language school, full time. If you’re ever in Tokyo, hit me up. Especially if you are near Ikebukuro. We could go and discuss Hiyuki-chan and what I recently find annoying about her/him, or the direction this story is going.

As always, since I’m not working in an ad agency anymore, updates will be erratic and I’ll do my best to take out part of my day to translate a chapter. Since I won’t be going out as often, I should be able to finish chapters much quicker.  (May update: That is a lie, I am going to work part time to support the expensive living expenses. Sasuga Tokyo. Everything is expensive. I can’t even go to Akihabara if I don’t work. )

Ah, Akiba, the land of otakus. I like Otome road too. So many costumes I could …er, look at.

I’m looking for a perma job in Japan, so if anyone knows any company seeking a Japanese to English translator that is willing to sponsor visa please share with me their contact, I am available on discord. I shall start from the bottom and climb to the top!


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year, and may fortune follow you!

I’m going to be away from my computer so it’s a week without Hiyuki-hime~

From your idiot/busy/poor/forgetful translator nattou.chinese-new-year-card-thing

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