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Monthly chapter releases. If I manage to work on more than one chapter I’ll post earlier, I guess. Thanks again for madospicy who proofs to make sure my TL isn’t nonsense/catch funny mistakes.

In progress: Currently in the middle of job seeking. May affect next chapter. Will try my best. New arc coming soon!

Current translation goal: Finish up this arc (which means the next chapter!). I might be picking up a different project afterward (depending on whether vampire princess plot gets better) because I realized villain bro story (悪役令嬢の兄に転生したので何とかしてみる) was dropped by a different translator. Or maybe I’ll just keep translating this and read that in the original language.

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Chapter 3 Episode 14: The Hidden Strategy


TL Notes: Thanks to Madospicy for proofing this TL. This chapter has some dodgy stuff happening. The title reminds me of Kumoko from Kumo Desuga.

Episode 14 The Hidden* Strategy

*Also known as the Inner Sleeve Strategy, like how rogues hide weapons in their sleeves.

The capital of Cress Centluna Federation, Fabula, is located roughly in the center of Centluna nation. It functioned as the center of the federation’s politics and culture.

The reason Fabula is located on the Centluna Kingdom is that this one pair of the fragment that builds up the foundation of the federation, Cress Kingdom, is 100% composed of beastman race which is originally nomadic people. Basically, the main reason is that the nature of beastman led to not having a permanent town (here and there are towns with only up to hundreds of people) and no interest in politics and diplomacy. Continue reading

Chapter 3 Episode 13: The Condition for Victory

T/N:This chapter was checked by madospicy senpai and proofed by a helpful reader, Wellbattle6. Hopefully it was a good battle, man.

Episode 13: The Condition for Victory

Standing as if the surface of earth was about to tumble, Revan got up swiftly. When the cane was inches away from his face, he instantly brought both his arms together in the form of a cross. Seeing no marks left on the surface of Kanshou, he thanked Hiyuki once again.

“It was immediately put to use huh? Good grief, I am truly blessed with a good woman.” (T/N:probably Revan said this)

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Tensei Shittara Slime Datta Ken Chapter 199: Rimuru Disappears

This is a quick  MTL with human editing because it takes so long for Guro or Circus Translation or anyone else to translate this glorious work. If you want quick and dirty work, I’m totally up for it! (I skipped a few chapters so that we don’t end up translating the same chapters)

If this is a problem just say the word and I’ll take it down. Please leave a comment if any terms used are not consistent with previous chapters.

Original language:


Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken chapter 196 (Human+MTL)

A quicky human translation with MTL-aid for Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken chapter 196. If you want to wait for official TL, please head to Guro-sama or Circus-sama. If anyone hates the fact I’m doing this for fun just leave a comment and if the reason is good enough I’ll take down the chapter. Also, I’m only doing one chapter then reading ahead, not going to continue this because I found a project someone dropped. Sorry, minna-san. It doesn’t make sense to have two groups translating the same thing.

(If there’s any sentences I’m not too confident of, I’ll add an asterisk* to it. Hahahaha!)

Link to original chapter: All hail Fuse-sama.


When you think about it, the plan to fight the enemy while all of the Demon Lords (魔王) are gathered is kinda impossible.

That is, you’ll be abandoning* the people who believe in the Demon Lords.

Although it is the better decision to make if you want to win the great war, there was also the possibility that it leads to the worst result that if it’s executed poorly and more than half of the population is lost.
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Work in Progress


I worked on this piece of work for a contest. This is the work in progress piece I saved before I submitted the completed piece. Since I worked on a single layer, I guess I can’t make a progress gif.windp