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One chapter every two months. Warning! Inconsistent chapter releases. Thanks again for madospicy who proofs to make sure my TL isn’t nonsense/catch funny mistakes. All visuals on this site are drawn by translator unless stated!

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Current translation goal: Finish 4th Arc.

Summary: I had expected to die in an accident, but instead, I woke up as my vampire princess character from “Eternal Horizon Online”. It turns out that I, along with my assets, territories, and my pets from the game were all transferred to a similar world. When fighting, I was clearly in a better form than my followers who are stronger than me. Due to these circumstances, I also had no choice but to reign as the ‘me’ in the game…(from madospicy)

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3rd Arc – Beast King of Borderland

Arc 4: Confusion in the Empire

Arc 5:

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  • Episode 2 –


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Vampire Princess Character Files (by this translator, a work in progress thing)

Alternative name

The Vampire Princess Sees a Pink Coloured Dream

Also known as: Kyuuketsu hime wa barairo no yume o miru 吸血姫は薔薇色の夢をみる



Arc 4 Ep 7 Prime Minister of The Empire

chibi hiyuki

Heeey sorry for the late content, translator was sad for a bit but recovered really quickly, and now have a new bae, and is still in midst of figuring jobs out. This is like lightly proofed chapter. Hiyuki is being very cute here! Enjoy!

Original Writer’s Comment: This time around it’s a situation as if Hiyuki is there or isn’t there. (laugh)

Gravior Empire’s capital, Argentum, was covered by clouds that seemed like it was heavy with tears.

There were carriages that initially dashed under the large doors, but as they near the center of the town, the crowd thickens, and slowly but surely, the pacing slows. Once you start seeing the imperial castle, the carriage would jostle the waves of crowd, becoming as slow as the pace of a turtle.

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Autumn Holidays, Life, Job Seeking


This post have since been updated on 20th September 2018.

Under the advice of my current teacher, I am going to start a different translation project soon which I am still considering if I should post it here. It will be an English to Japanese translation project. She said it will help me get better at using Japanese. (well duh, I’d have to use it to write in Japanese)

Below is written on 17th September.

Hello, it’s your friendly slow-updating translator, nattou-chan.

I just got dumped by my significant other (S.O.) 2 days ago. Then I went to a language exchange event and got hit on by someone who wasn’t my type. I thought they were interested in my country, but it turns out they just want sexy times (I am not assuming things. The topic came up when they were talking about themselves).

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Arc 4 Episode 6 : Teleportation Device

Translator’s notes: Hey guys, draft version 1.5, minor fixes done to it. Enjoy!


20 minutes after the battle with the Sphinx started –

“I thought we would d…die…” with a dying whisper, Joey took shaky breaths as he laid next to the Sphinx, under the cold gaze of “It would have been great if you died” from all members.

This Sphinx, while it doesn’t really have much physical resistance, by using its four limbs and wings to move freely, creating several illusions, hiding its body in sandstorms, it became an exceptionally troublesome enemy because of all these tricky movements.

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Arc 4 Episode 5: Being caught in one’s own trap


Translator: I’m alive! Also been working on this chapter for a while now. Sorry for the late update! I’ll work on another chapter soon, after my exams! I’ll try and find a job here after I graduate so as usual, the schedule is iffy. If I can, I’ll update quickly.

As usual, thank you, madospicy-senpai for checking the first draft. This is the second draft.


“I’m a half-baked mage.” hugging her knees, Fiore looked downwards.

Come to think of it, there are members like these in the guild too.

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Translator’s Update (April 2018) – I’ll be in Japan!

I’m going back to school! Or rather, Japanese language school, full time. If you’re ever in Tokyo, hit me up. Especially if you are near Ikebukuro. We could go and discuss Hiyuki-chan and what I recently find annoying about her/him, or the direction this story is going.

As always, since I’m not working in an ad agency anymore, updates will be erratic and I’ll do my best to take out part of my day to translate a chapter. Since I won’t be going out as often, I should be able to finish chapters much quicker.  (May update: That is a lie, I am going to work part time to support the expensive living expenses. Sasuga Tokyo. Everything is expensive. I can’t even go to Akihabara if I don’t work. )

Ah, Akiba, the land of otakus. I like Otome road too. So many costumes I could …er, look at.

I’m looking for a perma job in Japan, so if anyone knows any company seeking a Japanese to English translator that is willing to sponsor visa please share with me their contact, I am available on discord. I shall start from the bottom and climb to the top!

Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 3: Labyrinth Exploration

vampire princess

It’s the first draft, so please excuse the weirdness. Will be updated again once I wake up. Happy New Year!

(Updated) I woke up and senpai has proofed most of this! Thanks, mado-senpai!

Chapter Three: Dungeon Exploration

Original Author’s Notes:

It’s been a while since I wrote with such vigour. I slightly regretted it.


The western part of Amitia Republic, Ala is where Joey the adventurer should have been. More than that, the surprising part is that the girl Joey travelled with was a girl who is around his age.

What happened to Mia?! Was she replaced by a younger girl!?

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Happy New Year!

I’m sorry for the delay in translations.

I’ve been so distracted by my social life that I haven’t been able to dig out the time to translate the chapter.

While it is a very exciting time for me, I’m sure it has been hell for those who have been waiting for the chapter. For that, I am sorry!

As such, I am releasing the next chapter within 24hours, but it will be the first draft. The reviewed version will be updated within a week. Please excuse the horrible mistakes.

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Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 2: The Female Adventurer


Draft: nattou

T/N: Thank madospicy again for proofing the TLs and picking up TL mistakes. I caught a cold, but managed to finish this up a week before this month ends. Yatta! Well. There’s a small sentence I am not happy with, but I wanted to send this out as soon as I could.

第二話 女冒険者

Arc 4, Chapter 2 Female Adventurer

(the original) Author’s Note: It is Chloe-neesan’s reappearance.


At Viridis, the temporary capital of the Free Nation Alliance Of Cress.

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