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Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 9 The Charge of The Nine Swords

Translator’s Note: Was busy with life, not a good excuse, I know. I joined a few local meetups to liven up my lack of social life, cutting into the translation time. Warning not yet proofread! 😀

Writer’s Comment: Somehow it became a battle for someone.

“ーTch. The connection to the doll got cut off.”

In my private room, or rather, how big is this room? Yamabiko(mountain god) isn’t coming back? In the middle of the spacious room which was hard to relax, similar to the one room apartment where I lived in my previous life, the no.3 magical doll [Chibi Chibi Hiyuki Chan Ver. 3] (the version 1 doll went missing, the second version was ruined by…I forgot his name, but he was a friend of Animaru-san) which I was controlling remotely was forcefully cut off, the impact from it caused motion so I held my head. Then I pushed both my hands against the round crystal ball which looked like it is used for fortune telling, channeling some magical power but, as I expected, there was no response from it, the doll was like a kite with it’s string cut off.

“If you keep going, your body will be harmed. – to begin with, why don’t you calm down, princess. ”

As expected of Tengai, he already prepared and served some fresh blood which he had poured into the wine glasses.

As I had been focused on channeling my magical power for a long time, I was exhausted and downed three glasses. If it was wine I would have acute poisoning from alcohol. By doing this repeatedly, I recovered my HP and MP.

Yes, fully recovered!

Even though I’m not sure who donated it, thank you to the big sisters who donated the blood! Even today, I am living while nourished with your blood, the nutrients becoming my energy, my flesh, and fat, which reminds me my waistline recently have been – yeah, as I thought, since I drank too much, I will start dieting from tomorrow.

While sending these complicated feelings of gratitude towards them, I stood up with vigour.

“Incidentally, how about the situation there? Did anything weird happen in Argentum?” Perhaps he guessed from my appearance the general idea of what happened.

At his question, I answered with a nod.

“Revan was attacked by Kagerou-san. All the attendants died, and I lost track of where Revan was.”

“What!” his eyes widened slightly.

Oh? He’s unexpectedly concerned about Revan-

“So, that magical doll is also lost?! Such a waste …”

… as I thought he wasn’t really concerned about Revan… yep.

With an expression filled with heartache from the depths of his heart, and a hand held to his brows, Tengai was given an extremely cold look by Mikoto.

“Let’s put that aside and thinking about what we’re going to from now on, Princess.” At Mikoto’s query, I managed to cool down and rethink my decision to quickly send out a rescue party.

No matter how I think about it, it’s terrorism if I were to simply dispatch monster troops in some other country’s capital.

It’s not as if I’m afraid of a clash between our armies, only that if we couldn’t find Revan, or that he is already dead then I’d be getting my priorities backwards. Or rather, when it comes to my safety, my army would do anything to safeguard it, whether it be simply destroying the streets, attacking people or even finish off Revan who is already at death’s door. No, it’s best to not forget the initial goal.

Tsk, how useless. Those guys at my place. Other than large-scale destruction, they’re even less useless than those self-development books.

If it was going to be like this, I should have stuck my magical ‘evil eyes’ on Revan. But, if the guy doesn’t have any awareness of it, then it would have been useless, and he seemed like the unobservant type who would be found out by Asmina if he were to imitate…

“Ah, right. Since Asmina is a miko, if it’s about Revan maybe she could perceive it with her clairvoyance ability (T/N: literally can be translated as thousand leagues eyes).”

Anyway, there’s no time to waste.

“Are you going out?” as if Mikoto had expected it, I nodded.

“We’ll be travelling through Viridis, heading towards where Asmina is. Prioritize speed. Form a team of followers that can fly.”
“As you command.”

At the outskirts of Cress Freedom Alliance Provisional Capital, Viridis.

Around the same time Revan was assaulted by the assassin, (Because of the time difference between here and there, it is still before noon).

Around the large teleportation device which was found, a stone circle 20 meter in diameter made of something similar to obsidian and something which could be gold, the warriors of beastman tribe relaxed slightly and started cracking jokes.

“But could this thing really become a source of income for us, I wonder.”

“That is what the young commander and the princess’s idea. We just have to guard it as commanded.”

“Even if you said that we have to guard it, something this big, can it even be destroyed or stolen?”

“Certainly… it would be difficult.”

“Hey, you guys, you’re relaxing too much. I wouldn’t say that you have to be nervous the whole time, but you better focus when you’re supposed to.”

Sucking on a minty leaf, Eugene, also known as “Big Rock” of the bear tribe who was appointed guard captain complained.

“Ap- apologies, commanding officer.”

“It’s good that you understand.”

At the subordinates who bowed their heads immediately, Eugene twirled the minty bamboo shoot, not particularly troubled by them.


And, at a rock which is positioned in a distant, is where a supporter from Imperial Crimson, Kokonoe, one of the seven beast of calamity, a general directly under the command of the princess, a three-eyed monk, was looking into the wilderness with a nervous expression.

“What is it, sir?”

At the change in attitude of Kokonoe who hadn’t said anything since introducing himself, Eugene wanted to check if he felt anything out of the ordinary.

“Earlier someone unknown tore the magical barrier in an instant. They are intruding – and it’s not someone ordinary. It is not an opponent which the likes of you can defeat. Quickly call for reinforcement from the home country.”

If an average stubborn commander was told “You won’t be useful, so escape and call for backup”, he wouldn’t have been able to say “Yes sir, right away sir,” so easily, but Eugene heeded his words without asking any questions.

“I understand. I will do as you asked! Everyone, evacuate, quickly let Imperial Crimson know as soon as you can.” He shouted, in a hurry, confirmed that the troops retreated and bowed towards Kokonoe. “I pray for the fortunes of war upon you.”

After confirming that everyone left, Kokonoe who descended from the rock lightly turned golden brocade of his kasaya (monk’s stole) and raised a cane that he took out from nowhere which looked like it was made of a skull and a backbone.

“Rise, the undead army.”

With the end of weapon, he pierced the ground, and from there, dark magic summoning circle spread on the ground, and 100 skeleton soldiers each holding their own weapons rose from the crack which split in the ground.

And then, when he activated the magic circle again, 10 liches, 5 skeleton knights riding undead horses were summoned. And finally, large monsters, necros scorpio, bone centipede, one of each was summoned.

If it was normal, then one of this army could rival an army corps, shortly afterwards…, with a feeling as if they were walking casually, a knight in a white coloured armour and a red-lined cloak appeared.

“…as I thought, it was you, Lubbock-sama.”

“It’s like that. As you can see, I am possess strong powers, and not to mention, I am Hiyuki’s confidante. Will you not let me pass?”

“May I know what you will be doing if I were to let you pass?”

“I would clean up a large troublesome trash.” referring to the large teleportation device, Lubbock implied that he’d be destroying it as if it was nothing.

“Then, I can’t let you pass as you want. Because I would not let any stranger into the land which the princess entrusted me to protect.” *(T/N: I’m not sure about this line)“You’re fine with being my opponent?”

Could he be specifically asking if he be recognized as an opponent?? As if testing the water, Kokonoe replied with a plain way. “I have the approval from hime-sama. Anyone who interrupts will be punished. And if worst comes to worst, we can always revive you after you died so it’s not a problem, is what I’m told.”

“Then, I can’t let you pass as you want. Because I would not let any stranger into the land which the princess entrusted me to protect.”
“You’re fine with being my opponent?”

Could he be specifically asking if he be recognized as an opponent?? As if testing the water, Kokonoe replied with a plain way. “I have the approval from hime-sama. Anyone who interrupts will be punished. And if worst comes to worst, we can always revive you after you died so it’s not a problem, is what I’m told.”

Hearing that, Lubbock had a wide smile on his face. “That sounds just like Hiyuki-san. – Speaking of which, as a former fellow guild member, I’m not heartless at all.”

“The one who betrayed first is you. And so-”

“And so?”

“Hime-sama has suspicion that you’re the real Lubbock.”

“Is that so?” At the same time he muttered, Lubbock drew swords with both of his hands.

At the moment the words entered his ear, keeping his composed expression as it is, Lubbock entered a strip of a crevice.

“…Is that so?” At the same time he muttered, Lubbock drew swords with both of his hands.

In the right hand is the strongest sword, “Despair”. And in the left is the sword which one must have in a fight against the undead which has a light element, the Oodachi (large sword) “Moon”.

At the moment when Kokonoe thought that two swords would come, seven swords spread like a peacock feather on the behind of Lubbock.

“Flower”, “Bird”, “Wind”, “Dream”, “Illusion”, “Foam”, “Shadow”

Each of them are mighty and most of them had elements endowed.

“I’m sorry but it seems like I can’t spend much time here. I’ll go all out from the start.”

“-nu.” Originally a rare monster, Kokonoe. After evolution, it had the strength of an average dungeon boss, without than trading sword strikes directly with Lubbock, besides rumours, nobody had ever heard of his true strength. And then, based on anecdotes, he was able to defeat one of the thirteen magic generals, Ikaruga by himself, and he didn’t say anything besides one word of threat.

Perhaps it will not be a win if I were to fight alone.

The real way to win is to be able to drag out the fight as long as I can.

-How long do I need to drag out the fight to be able to win?

How well I can measure against Lubbock’s power of destruction versus my summoning power would probably be the turning point of this match.

Reinforcements-If many members of the round table gathered, there’s no way he could win without a struggle.

That’s why he(Lubbock) would want to rush for a win.

In that case, I will put my all towards dragging out this match as much as I could!

“Do it!” at Kokonoe’s instruction, the lich released magical spells.

At first, he should be at a distance where it would be tough to get near, is what Kokonoe judged as he doubted his eyes.

The 7 swords like a shield, moved according to Lubbock’s will and rushed into the crowd of skeleton soldiers. At the same time, he moved the 2 of the swords he was holding in both of his hands like a windmill, in an instant, the skeleton soldiers were cut down like the leaves of a tree.

At the Liches that hesitated at the sight of its comrades being attacked.

“It doesn’t matter, attack!”

As soon as he gave the instructions, the liches quickly summon additional skeleton soldiers.

When he caught it with a sword crossing the bones of the bone centipede that came further into it, the remaining seven swords cut off the legs of the giant and crush the skull like splitting a bamboo at the part where the weight of the body can not be supported.

-What a man!! To be able to deal so much damage!!

At the sight of every one of the summoned army being destroyed, realizing that it wasn’t a good tactic to bide for time, he decided to attack directly with the leftover Necro Scorpio.

At the same time, the mobs of Skeletons which advanced to challenge Lubbock was met with the three swords which danced with a zig zag movement from where Lubbock is towards the skeletons.

And needing to face the Necro scorpio, they closed the distant to some extent at this point, “Ha!!” Kokonoe released a wave of attacks.


The skeleton soldiers which was hit by the gust of wind was turned into dusts, and even Lubbock received some of the damage, a pained cry coming out from his mouth.

Adding to this attack, the seven swords drew a circle in the sky, raining down with an incredible force.

Suddenly the scorpion’s large body became a shield, and was able to prevent most of the damage to Kokonoe but the Necro scorpions were turned into shreds like tofu, sliced into small pieces.

“Ougi (secret technique)・burst lightning”


And, in order to hit Kokonoe who had stopped for a second to defend himself, Lubbock activated his skill.

“Ghhh.” At the lightning which came from the shining blade that was swung downwards, it turned Kokonoe who was trapped into a pincushion. But it wasn’t enough. If it was to this degree, it was still something he could take.

Even adding the attack points from the strongest sword, “Despair”, at one shot it brought about 20% of the hit points, but in other words it is only 20%.  Not to mention, Ougi (secret technique) was a skill which definitely has a cooldown time, so it’s not something he could repeat many times.

Kokonoe who made such a conclusion immediately realized he had the wrong impression. For sure that the Ougi cannot be released and then released afterwards without any cooldown time, but if it is a different type of weapon, and other Ougi (secret technique), the cooldown wouldn’t affect the usage of those skill.

Also, while the “Despair” is a greatsword, the “Moon” is a Japanese long sword(太刀,tachi). Which means-

“Ougi(Secret Technique)・Shippu Shinrai no Tachi (The Lightning Speed Japanese Long Sword)”.

A slashing attack accompanied by a strong wing, Kokonoe’s body was chopped up, and blown up.

Once again, he rushed up to deliver more sword strikes, cutting down his HP bar till it reached a dangerous point.

“With this, it will be decided.” for the second time, Lubbock swung the “Despair” in his right hand, at the moment when he was going to finish off Kokonoe, a hail of thunderstorms struck, blowing away his body.


Following that attack, he defended with the thunders forming a circle around the sword, but even then his HP was shaved away slowly.

He (Lubbock) remembers this power.

Flustered as he remembered it, suddenly it turned dark around Lubbock.

Startled, he raised his head to see – “As I thought, the Golden Dragon, Naga Raja, …It’s Hiyuki-san, huh?”

At the place where he focused his gaze, there stood Tengai with an imposing posture and Hiyuki who looked displeased, glaring this way and that.

Lubbock’s face was twisted into a form where it was difficult to tell if he was making an expression of pure joy or regret.

Afterwords / Postscript from the author

By the way, it is enough for Kokonoe to have delayed Lubbock with the battle for ten minutes or more right? Kokonoe is also a background support type even at the Round Table Commanders, so it’s that kind of thing. You know, that thing, “That guy is the weakest among us (summarized).”

On the other hand, he can revive dead people and torture them for answers and such.

When the character name Lubbock is written in the hiragana, it’s a plain way that Hiyuki is used when referring to Lubbock. If a different person is referring to Lubbock, then his name is written in katakana.

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Nattou The Translator’s Note:
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I’m sorry I didn’t differentiate Lubbock’s name because I only saw it after I was done translating it. I’ll check it again and maybe add some italics to differentiate the hiragana and katakana. I thought the writer was just being lazy when the name came up in hiragana. I’m sorry for calling you lazy!!!! (I’m the one who wants to be lazy…hurhur)

The line which I translated as “Shit!” was originally “Shimatta!” as in, Whoops, darn, etc. I just adapted it to the pacing and feel of a fight. It’s hard to imagine what a english speaking samurai will say when they’re fighting and their enemy got under their guard… also sometimes kokonoe refers to themself as それがし Soregashi, which is what samurais used to refer to themselves, according to my sensei. I translated those as ‘I’ since there are not special pronouns available to use in English.

Also the writer used internet slang ‘ry’, which meant summarized/shortened, in their afterword/postscript (which is called atogaki). Fumu.


Arc4 Ep 8: No Postponement On A Rainy Day

vampire princess

Surprise! Another new chapter. I have the JLPT in early December! What am I doing? Oh right, doing all I can to study organically… enjoy!

Arc 4 Episode 8: No Postponement even on a rainy day

Beginning from the increasingly ominous looks of the skies, taking no notice of the people going back and forth, finishing all the urgent business, as if there was a fire, people were moving without a sense of direction on the main street, and it became a situation where the carriage could not even move a single step.

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Arc 4 Ep 7 Prime Minister of The Empire

chibi hiyuki

Heeey sorry for the late content, translator was sad for a bit but recovered really quickly, and now have a new bae, and is still in midst of figuring jobs out. This is like lightly proofed chapter. Hiyuki is being very cute here! Enjoy!

Original Writer’s Comment: This time around it’s a situation as if Hiyuki is there or isn’t there. (laugh)

Gravior Empire’s capital, Argentum, was covered by clouds that seemed like it was heavy with tears.

There were carriages that initially dashed under the large doors, but as they near the center of the town, the crowd thickens, and slowly but surely, the pacing slows. Once you start seeing the imperial castle, the carriage would jostle the waves of crowd, becoming as slow as the pace of a turtle.

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Autumn Holidays, Life, Job Seeking


This post have since been updated on 20th September 2018.

Under the advice of my current teacher, I am going to start a different translation project soon which I am still considering if I should post it here. It will be an English to Japanese translation project. She said it will help me get better at using Japanese. (well duh, I’d have to use it to write in Japanese)

Below is written on 17th September.

Hello, it’s your friendly slow-updating translator, nattou-chan.

I just got dumped by my significant other (S.O.) 2 days ago. Then I went to a language exchange event and got hit on by someone who wasn’t my type. I thought they were interested in my country, but it turns out they just want sexy times (I am not assuming things. The topic came up when they were talking about themselves).

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Arc 4 Episode 6 : Teleportation Device

Translator’s notes: Hey guys, draft version 1.5, minor fixes done to it. Enjoy!


20 minutes after the battle with the Sphinx started –

“I thought we would d…die…” with a dying whisper, Joey took shaky breaths as he laid next to the Sphinx, under the cold gaze of “It would have been great if you died” from all members.

This Sphinx, while it doesn’t really have much physical resistance, by using its four limbs and wings to move freely, creating several illusions, hiding its body in sandstorms, it became an exceptionally troublesome enemy because of all these tricky movements.

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Arc 4 Episode 5: Being caught in one’s own trap


Translator: I’m alive! Also been working on this chapter for a while now. Sorry for the late update! I’ll work on another chapter soon, after my exams! I’ll try and find a job here after I graduate so as usual, the schedule is iffy. If I can, I’ll update quickly.

As usual, thank you, madospicy-senpai for checking the first draft. This is the second draft.


“I’m a half-baked mage.” hugging her knees, Fiore looked downwards.

Come to think of it, there are members like these in the guild too.

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Translator’s Update (April 2018) – I’ll be in Japan!

I’m going back to school! Or rather, Japanese language school, full time. If you’re ever in Tokyo, hit me up. Especially if you are near Ikebukuro. We could go and discuss Hiyuki-chan and what I recently find annoying about her/him, or the direction this story is going.

As always, since I’m not working in an ad agency anymore, updates will be erratic and I’ll do my best to take out part of my day to translate a chapter. Since I won’t be going out as often, I should be able to finish chapters much quicker.  (May update: That is a lie, I am going to work part time to support the expensive living expenses. Sasuga Tokyo. Everything is expensive. I can’t even go to Akihabara if I don’t work. )

Ah, Akiba, the land of otakus. I like Otome road too. So many costumes I could …er, look at.

I’m looking for a perma job in Japan, so if anyone knows any company seeking a Japanese to English translator that is willing to sponsor visa please share with me their contact, I am available on discord. I shall start from the bottom and climb to the top!

Vampire Princess Arc 4 Episode 3: Labyrinth Exploration

vampire princess

It’s the first draft, so please excuse the weirdness. Will be updated again once I wake up. Happy New Year!

(Updated) I woke up and senpai has proofed most of this! Thanks, mado-senpai!

Chapter Three: Dungeon Exploration

Original Author’s Notes:

It’s been a while since I wrote with such vigour. I slightly regretted it.


The western part of Amitia Republic, Ala is where Joey the adventurer should have been. More than that, the surprising part is that the girl Joey travelled with was a girl who is around his age.

What happened to Mia?! Was she replaced by a younger girl!?

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