Translator status (March 2017)

Just got back from work a few hours ago. I continued translating pt3 ch17…

I am currently working full time and playing just one mobile game~ BangDream (20/5/2017) LOL I deleted Houkai! I was wasting too much time on it.

Alright~ I’m going back to translating~ hohoho~ I will definitely finish the translation of part 17 this week.


nattou out!


6 thoughts on “Translator status (March 2017)

  1. Why are you playing mobile games? Those aren’t real games. They’re just for getting you to spend money on things that could also be done with patience and hard work. Utterly barbaric.. Oops. This was me B*tching about the western mobile games. The Japanese ones actually do look quite good. Bummer i can understand 0.0% of them. But still, when playing games, go console or pc, not mobile.
    Thanks for translating!


    1. I like their artwork and I needed more ways to engage with Japanese media. I also listen to Japanese radio stations and play Japanese VNs, haha. I try not to spend money on these games because I calculated the costs and it wasn’t worth it. I am only earning enough to survive and the rest is going to my future Japanese classes in Japan, so I won’t be spending that much. I still need around 20k for living costs I think (My country currency keeps dipping! Darn! Stop lowering in value!). Still haven’t decide if I want to stay in Tokyo or find a different place to study. Which reminds me… I really need to get started with researching Japanese language schools.


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