Vampire Princess Arc 3 Episode 19: Lion Vs. Tiger

Part 19: Lion Vs. Tiger

Please read the raws here and support the original Japanese webnovel writer. Draft by nattou. Thanks for the translation quality checking, Madosenpai~ senpai caught so many misses, hahaha.

It’s the finals.

Beside the part of the Cress Kingdom’s Saint Beast’s Hill, there’s a plateau that’s been isolated by a vertical cliff like it was completely cut away by a knife.

The shape is similar to the Table Mountain(T/N: A mountain in Africa) from the original world. To put it frankly, there is something that looked like a whole cake – with a feel as if it was sliced and taken, the area surrounding above the stage looked as if it was punched into a wasteland, green plants grew wildly, seemingly a naturally thick jungle.

Somehow, when you look at it, it seemed like a place that looks like a decorated cake. And even though it’s unrelated, before I die I want to eat entire whole cakes. At least 10 of them.

At the center of the white and flat 100m square rock nearby, whether it is for a praiseworthy dance performance or to hold a fight, this time it is the stage of the deciding match for [the nomination of the Beast King].

Speaking of which, initially yesterday was the semifinal fight between Revan Vs. Cyril (and afterward due to the real Cyril being saved) Cyril had announced he was unable to fight and defaulted, Revan was quickly selected for the final decisive fight.

“Did you do something?”

I was viewed very suspiciously by Revan, of course, I didn’t do anything… or rather I’ve helped, so I denied it with all my strength.


“Don’t worry! Since I didn’t do anything shady!”

I gave them a thumb up.

“Speaking of which, what sort of ‘not shady’ things did you do?” asked Asmina.


What should I say to deceive them.

So it turns out there’s a player who is breaking the rules, and when I exposed that plot, it seems like he was someone who I might have known in the past, and I was one-sidedly stalked as he held a grudge. When he tried to attack us he was beaten and self-destructed. In the end, I met a guild member from the olden days, but it seems like he is currently one of the enemy’s member and before he could be captured he escaped – to put it simply.

“I was attacked by an acquaintance who I can’t even recall the face of, it was dangerous but somehow I dealt with it, and thereupon I clashed with my past, meeting with a man I was very close to long ago, but when I tried to deepen the talk with him, he had escaped.”

Eh? That sounded different from what I thought. And why are Asmina’s eyes sparkling so much?

”It’s a love triangle trouble isn’t it?! As expected from you, Hiyuki-sama. Let’s talk about that in more details!”

Yup, the interpretation is completely different from what I was thinking. (Literal translation: Yup,  I’ve perfectly mistaken the input command.)

And afterward, I dodged Asmina who was pestering me like an energetic love aide…(well, she just want to make friends with girls who are in love, but in her case she sorta has an ‘illness’, so she don’t want to be lumped together with her).  I returned to the castle only to find out that somehow the information that Kagerou-san is now on the enemy’s side has already reached them (wait, there was only me, Kagerou-san and Utsuho, thus through the process of elimination I know who is the culprit). Everyone was welcoming me as if they didn’t want to attract my anger.  

No, no, that secret torrid love affair between ojou-san and servant thing is only Kagerou’s delusional setting.

Naturally, there’s no such relationship between us, okay!

And no matter how many times I repeatedly denied such a thing, they would respond with “We understand the princess’s painful feelings.” sending me a soft, understanding smile while completely missing my point.

No, even for me, a normal mmorpg player, I think it is right to roleplay according to my appearance.

However, if you bring up that it is ‘reality’ ah, but for them, this really is ‘reality’, rather than complex, the realization’s bad effect came out confusing or maybe strange.

Umu… it can be said that… he became an enemy that’s more formidable than Lubbock, that Kagerou-san.



With that said, today is finally the finals for the selection of the next Beast King.

Winning from “Demon Wolve’s Feeding Grounds” tournament stage, is Revan, the next lion tribe patriarch, the current beast king’s student.

On the other side who won the fight at the [Earth Dragon’s Resting Place] is the strong tigerkin’s patriarch [Strong Arm] Acheron who is as strong as he is rumored to be, which raises his chances of success.


Since it’ll be a dignified fight, Asmina and other tens of the Mikos from different tribe dedicated a dance for the sacred beasts. In front of such an enthralling dance, the spectators were spellbound.


It was at this time someone spoke, “-Oh, Princess. Kurashi alerted from the sky said he was hungry so he seemed to have caught a good living being, but he asked if it’s fine to eat it.” Utsuho who is still fused with me in pet union said it very casually.

“That is…?”

Because he did not bring any food, they caught some local food and thought it would be fine… but wait?

“By no means it is a human, right?”

“They are not human.” she immediately replied with a denial, setting my worries to rest.

“Then feel free do as you like?”

“Sigh. It seems like the master of this land is a holy beast, but food is food.”

Unable to digest what was added to the end of that sentence, I switched my attention towards the area around the stone stage, frantically tilting my head upwards to see.

My eyesight as a vampire allows me to see things from far away, so I could see the winged tiger with wings as large as 10 metres – One of the Seven Star Beasts of Calamity – Kurashi with a happy appearance as it stood in the air, holding the buck that’s almost 5 metres long from its horn, covered in a blue light.

“Wawawawawa! It’s bad. No matter what it is, to eat the sacred beasts! Release! Release! Throw it away! Throw!”

Kurashi made a face as if he did not want to do so.

“He said, could I eat at least a feet?”

“Hn…I wonder… since it is a sacred beast so wouldn’t it grow back? I should confirm it.”

I commanded Utsuho to do so, the holy beast shook its head. Seems like it doesn’t.

“It seems like it doesn’t. Oii, the lord of this land. If you swear fealty to our princess, I’ll let you go as you are.”


At Utsuho’s suggestion (or rather coercion?) The holy beast nods its head.


“-as you heard. Kurashi, this fellow is Hiyuki’s retainer now. There are times this occurs. Kurashi, this fellow is a lesser being than Hiyuki’s retainer, and can’t be treated as feed to sate your hunger. Let it go.”


With that said, Kurashi reluctantly returned the sacred beast to its original spot.

So close, so close, it almost entered Kurashi’s stomach as if it’s a snack.

If this was exposed it would become something worthy of respect, I secretly feel relieved. Meanwhile, the miko’s dance was over, and Asmina returned with her makeup and Beast Tribe miko dress on.

“How was it, Hiyuki-sama. How was my dance?”


“Be-beautiful, it was very beautiful.”

Secretly, because of the commotion, I stopped watching halfway.

“Thank you! If only the sacred beasts were watching happily I’d be glad.”


At that time the sacred beast was in a state as if it may live or it may die, so it wasn’t the right place for it to be happy. But I’m not telling her that. And also by chance, it became my follower.


Whilst forcing a smile, cold sweat ran down my back as I nodded.




The lengthy ceremony finished and the long awaited finals begin.

Revan gazed at the tall man before him, the Tigerman tribe’s leader [Strong Arm] Acheron.

It’s probably a mismatch for a man, but he was actually a ‘flowery(charming)’ person.

Without excessive useless muscles on him, his arms, legs, chest, shoulders, hips were protected with the minimal amount of defensive equipment on, and he still strikes an imposing pose.

Even when he stood silently without his fighting spirit, he was releasing a strong pressure.


Aged around 25 years old, with blond hair and a masculine face that shows a daring smile. While he had shown his weak points, he had a gleam of danger in his eyes, revealing his charm and the danger his pose.


As the referees were finished with the match instructions, Acheron started talking suddenly.

“I heard about your teacher, he has planning to use Imperial Crimson as a shield… no, to become its vassal state to leave the Cress Federation.”

At the mention of “teacher”, he pointed at the current Beast King.


“Ah, it’s just as you said. To be honest, there was no meaning behind the Crest-Sentlunar cooperation anyway. Does the Tigerman tribe oppose this?”

“Half of them do. It’s obvious to leave that federation which meddles needlessly. However, it’s not acceptable to lower our status by becoming Imperial Crimson’s dogs.” Acheron said firmly as he shook his head.

At these words, the audience that had held their saliva during the tension raised a commotion, glancing towards the sovereign of Imperial Crimson who is sitting on the chair at the nobility seats (as I expected, even at the Sacred Grounds, a separate tent is set up) but the person it concerns had not changed his expression at all (of course, it was a substitute) and only sat there calmly.


“Has it been confirmed that Imperial Crimson’s leader completely had no interest in directly ruling us? In reality, Amitia became a republic and is developing further.”

Peeking at the direction where his sister is, towards the person with a small build under the hood, Revan answered.

Hiyuki must have sensed the glance. With a “Hmm?” expression and she tilted her head. That innocent figure made Revan smile unconsciously.

“That choice existed at the federation establishment period when we didn’t have power, we now don’t need another person’s power. Isn’t it our turn to win our freedom with our own strength, and make a country by the beastkin and for the beastkin?”

Acheron’s words were filled with emotion of his own tribe’s and the whole tribe’s feelings. Revan almost nodded along, but there was something he felt he couldn’t agree with.

“It’s useless. Behind a fighter there is always someone weaker, are you going to ask them to fight too? To sacrifice the weaker ones, that way of thinking will force us to reach the limits of what we will do sooner or later. It’s because we want to protect them that we need a shield. Also, this world has many sorts of people in it other than the Beastkin, your way of thinking is nothing but  copying the holy teachings that discriminate against the beastkin.”

Staring at Revan who had the same golden hair, Acheron thought the words over only to shake his head with a sense of disappointment.

“We’re both not conceding whether our way of thinking is right. Revan of the Lionman tribe. Let’s settle this.”

“Ah, I agree. Tigerman tribe leader Acheron.”

Waiting for the signal to begin, the two of them split into each side of the arena. They took a low stance and glared at each other.

In that moment, the Sacred Ground’s air which was cool was suffused with heat and heavy tension.

While late, when the referees gave the sign to begin, the both of them moved at the same time.

As the both of them were rushing against each other so quickly that their figures were blurred, at the top speed, Acheron’s kick went towards Revan’s face. Guarding against that move with a hand, Revan launched his counter with his other hand.

His fist hit the abdomen right on the spot, and the large body that received the impact flew behind – is what he saw but Acheron placed both of his hands on the floor and spun.

Acheron stood with a smooth movement looked like he did not receive any damage at all.

“You’re quite good.”

Saying it as if he was happy from the bottom of his heart, Acheron shifted his left and right shoulder joints, producing loud cracking sounds.

Suddenly Revan realized that this man had intentionally received his hit earlier in order to understand his strength.


Also, a tremble ran along his back as his heart beats really loudly. Acheron’s strength awakens something sleeping inside Revan.


As if he realized the change, Acheron’s smile widened.

“Alright, we’ve said our greetings. Let’s continue.”

Saying this, Acheron prepared his stance. Revan had the same smile as Acheron, readying his stance for the confrontation.

—–Original Author’s Notes——


The finals had just began.


The next chapter will probably be the end of this arc.(but there is still a chance of extension (≡ε≡;A)…)

Nattou: umu so many missu… by the way, since the story has been out for a while, the next chapter IS the final chapter of this arc, no extensions, lol.



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